Trader Joe’s Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes Reviews

(90 customer reviews)

90 reviews for Trader Joe’s Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes Reviews

  1. Bea

    Great product, get’s me going not like a laxative but more natrual just get’s the food moving along, like the fact that they are chewable and tasty. Great product good price.

  2. Gladys Bennett

    I have been using this product several years off and on because it works well. My only issue is that the tables get dark spots after a while (still way before exp date) and I end up throwing half the bottle. away. Trader Joe’s say that it is ok to take at that point. I don’t feel comfortable doing do.

  3. Roberta Sigala

    I was shopping for your enzymes @ your store in San Gabriel yesterday, and I was told by an employee that this product has been discontinued… I was left wonderful why, will you please explain why?
    This is a great product that I have been using for many years now… I don’t understand why you would stop making it.

  4. Cheekygrrl

    My tablets also got the dark spots and I used them anyway. They were fine. Did me a LOT of good! I hear they got discontinued 🙁 I went to my local store with this on my list and was informed no longer available!

  5. Anjie Martinis

    How can you discontinue the Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes?? These are the BEST product. They work like a charm. I have warded off many child stomach aches, digested too full of meals, helped with bloating and constipation etc. They are one of a kind enzyme and taste great too! Dark spots…. who cares. It works either way. I hope you reconsider or make something similar. I am VERY disappointed when I went specifically to buy them today and there were none. Sad face. Sad face.

  6. Casa Manzenita

    Broken hearted, sad face to the 1,000,000th degree! Been taking these for years and years and years. They are the best tasting out of all brands.

    Please reconsider! Bring them back!!

  7. Barbara Hoddy

    I wish someone would have told me you were discontinuing the Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes! I would have stocked up. I have been using them for decades. They even got me through the nausea of chemo! Pleeeeeeeezzzze bring them back.

  8. Kay

    Sad to see the enzymes go. Why did you discontinue? They are Dr recomended for cost and have worked really well for me. Have tried others that don’t work as well. At least direct us to the manufactuer so we can find it under a different label.

  9. Kent & Debbie

    “Big Mistake,” dropping this product!! My wife has been using this Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes for years. These are the best ever and other brands do not work half as good as these.
    “NOW HEAR TYHIS” Bring Them Back, PLEASE!

  10. Ben

    Why discontinue stuff that people rely on and can’t duplicate anywhere else? Please explain. More and more I’m worried that Trader Joe’s is listening to and adding trendy stuff, instead of being and doing good for people like it used to. Please bring back the staples like Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes (lots of good reasons from others above; irreplaceable), instant miso soup (best flavor and great for camping/backpacking), coconut flour, green clary sage and lemongrass hand soap, organic monterey jack cheese, etc. Thanks for listening and doing something.

  11. Douglas Williams

    I went to Trader Joe’s today and was RUINED when told the Papaya-Pineapple Enzymes have been discontinued. I’ve relied on these for at least a decade. Buy them regularly because I have sensitive stomach.
    They’re the only thing that works for me. PLEASE at least let customers know where we can buy it. Give us the manufacturer name or generic

  12. KWolfe

    I too am so sad that these aren’t available any more. It was my favorite product at Trader Joe’s.

  13. MsMoHes

    I went to TJ’s to purchase my favorite Papaya and Pineapple enzymes only to hear that they’ve been discontinued. I am so entirely bummed!! These enzymes were super effective, easy to use, tasted good and so economically priced. They were my “go to”. Bad form Trader Joe’s. I wish you had provided an option of some kind for those of us who loved this great product.

  14. Irene Leung

    SAD ! Why they have to discontinued this product. I need to take this papaya and pineapple enzyme everyday for my stomach . Also my two brothers and sister are taking it too. I hope they will put this product back . It is a great product. Is anywhere they still selling it ?

  15. Joe S.

    Very distressed that Trader Joe’s discontinued this product. Had gastric bypass surgery years ago and found that these helped me eat food without pain. They have been a lifesaver. Literally. PLEASE bring back !!!

  16. Sherry

    5 stars for the product 0 stars to TJs for discontinuing a product that actually works. Now I am forced to look elsewhere. I thought you were smarter than that TJs.

  17. Sonya

    Went to TJ’s today to pick these up and was shook when the manager said they were discontinued! My husband has relied on these for years and years. They are the only thing that works for his stomach. Just recently our daughter began taking them and now she relies on them heavily. What is the thinking? Why would you just up and discontinue a product like this?! These enzymes are what led me to love other TJ products! Please please please bring them back! I will help get signatures or anything…whatever you need in order to bring these back. We are begging!

  18. Gary Figueroa

    As a long time customer of Trader Joe’s, it really disturbs me when the “store” abruptly discontinues a food item or in this case a much valued and reliable consumed digestive aid. Even more distressing is to be advised by TJ staff to seek an alternative at [fill in the blank.] Utter nonsense.

  19. Katie Althoff

    Why did you take them away!?! Please explain!

  20. Janet Kramp

    20 stars for the product but negative stars to management! Ok TJ’S add me to this list of ever growing customers who went to get the Pineapple Papaya enzymes (cuz I am almost out!) & was given the VERY BAD NEWS by the front customer service folk!!! I almost started to cry!!! I was also told that The Evening Primrose Oil is also discontinued and the company plan is to shrink the entire supplement department. I have used these enzymes for decades. They make my quality of life SO MUCH BETTER!!! My hope is that TJ management may reconsider. Please let me know if you change your mind…or let us know who was co-packing them for you and where they may be sold elsewhere. Thank you for the consideration..

  21. Teresa

    Please bring it back

  22. Allyson

    I’m going to call Main Office to see if they can bring them back!

  23. Suzy

    The pineapple papaya enzymes are great. Please, please bring them back.

  24. Shelly Brazil

    Pleeeeease bring ‘em back!!!!!!!

  25. Khrystyne

    I went to TJ’s today and thought I’d pick up a couple bottles of the enzymes. I COULDN’T FIND THEM. And now I see here that they have been discontinued???!!?! I don’t understand….WHY??!!?! Thank God I have one bottle left. It’s the ONLY thing that works for me when my stomach is upset – I have tried other brands and they don’t even come close! I have brought them to the attention of many of my friends and co-workers who now swear by them. Can we start a petition? Who do we need to contact to either bring them back or buy directly wholesale from? STOOOOPID move, TJ. I will still shop at your stores…..but now will ponder if it’s worth the parking hassle.

  26. Lamina

    I absolutely love this product , especially during cold & allergy season . It helps alleviate sinus problems , cough , chest congestion, it’s an all around miracle ,& essential must have in your alternative health cabinet!! Love it , but sad to hear that Brooklyn store no longer carry it

  27. Lamina

    Please !!! Bring it back !!!

  28. Lamina

    I absolutely love this product , especially during cold & allergy season . It helps alleviate sinus problems , cough , chest congestion, it’s an all around miracle ,& essential must have in your alternative health cabinet!! Love it , but sad to hear that Brooklyn store no longer carry it

  29. Denise Simpson

    I used the Papaya and Pineapple enzyme tablets for years. They were my go to for unset stomach, Etc. Will they ever come back???Please bring them back.

  30. heather

    So disappointing to see this product is no longer available. It really helps with inflammation and gluten intolerance! Begging you, PLEASE bring it back!!!

  31. Annie

    Almost from the beginning of taking these amazing tasting and effective Papaya & Pineapple Chewable Enzymes my digestive issues nearly went away. I have suffered from bloating, gas, irritable bowel and now when I use these enzymes after meals, no more bloating. I can eat like normal people do.

    SADLY TJ’s have discontinued them and I have looked everywhere for a replacement that is as tasty and effective with no luck. PLEASE, PLEASE Trader Joe’s….Bring them back for us! I haven’t felt so healthy in years! If you cannot do that, please divulge your vendor so we can order them ourselves. THANKS!! Love, Love Your Store!

  32. Carrie Kelly

    IT is JUST LIKE TRADER JOE’S to discontinue yet another great product. The Papaya Pineapple enzymes are one of their best vitamin products. My 90 something mother relies on them. I hardly shop there any more, and this is a PERFECT example of why .

  33. AJ

    So disappointed when I found out the Papaya Pineapple enzyme was discontinued! Why????

  34. LAG

    I am past 80 years old and one of the reasons that I have made it this far is Trader Joes Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes…It is sad that a company that has such good products would drop this one….

  35. Berta Shaffer

    We need Papaya and Pineapple enzymes.
    One more of my favorite products disappeared from shelves.

  36. Bea

    Why on Earth did you discontinue such a great selling product? The other brands are expensive and foul. I really relied on being able to get these from you. Please bring them back!

  37. george c

    bring it back, please

  38. Walter

    OK, just one more voice in the wilderness lamenting the loss of yet another prized TJ’s product.
    One would think that management could set up a website selling all the products that people want but have been deemed to not be earning their shelf space. I am now buying my papaya enzyme tablets online. Looks like a lost opportunity for Trader Joe’s.

  39. GG

    I loved these! When we ate a heavy meal (read: red meat), we always took these. It helped digest food much more smoothly and not have a horrible time the next day (read: no constipation).

    I have since began using Whole Foods brand of papaya enzymes. The taste is awful, but it helps the same way that Traders did. It’s a shame that it’s been discontinued. Every time I pop into TJ’s, I have a glimmer of hope that it may come back. Alas…we are without.

  40. L

    Getting sick and tired of companies making a great product and then snatching it away. Trader Joe’s is a big offender at this. They quit with their Glucosamine tablets which were the best.They discontinue good products all the time, but this is by far the WORST! Was TJ’s bought out by a big conglomerate like Safeway? Will never understand why companies insist on messing up a good thing. It couldn’t have been because the Papaya enzymes never sold. Our Trader Joe’s had a hard time keeping these in stock. Would always buy 2-3 bottles at a time to be on the safe side. They were PERFECT AS IS. Delicious too. There is no need to mess with the formula and screw it up. Just LISTEN to your Loyal Consumers and bring it back.

    (Like the person above posted, 5 Stars for the Pineapple-Papaya Enzymes, ZERO stars for Trader Joe’s being disloyal to their customers).

  41. Sara

    Add me to the list of long-time customers shocked and heartbroken that Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes are discontinued – please, please, please bring them back! Been using them for years and have carried them with me everywhere. I take them whenever I feel uncomfortable after a meal…and they are just amazing. Trying other products but haven’t found one that works as well yet. Very Sad.

  42. Chris Florian

    PLEASE bring back the TJ’s papaya and pineapple enzymes!!! They are great for people without a gall bladder, it helps break down foods.
    I am SO UPSET they are discontinued!!!
    I buy 3 bottles each time I go.

  43. Neli Stoyanova MD

    I think this is the best product of this kind on the market. If there is a health issue related to using it, Trader Joe’s should let us know about it. If the product is safe to use, it would be a bad business decision to discontinue it. Please, reconsider- this product is helping a lot of people.

  44. Lisa

    Please bring pineapple papaya enzymes back!!!! My entire immediate and extended family have relied on these for 4 decades! They really work! Please!!!!

  45. Dawn

    Please bring Pineapple Papaya Enzymes back! We have been giving them to our dog daily for stomach upset (with our vet’s blessing). She was not eating & her stomach was making noises. We started giving her Trader Joe’s Pineapple Papaya Enzymes & it has been a miracle for her. We were so upset to find out they have been discontinued. We even tried a Trader Joe’s in a different state, but none there either. Not sure what we will do when we get to the bottom of our current bottle.

  46. Marc

    Bring back the papaya pineapple enzymes please!

  47. Dan

    Please bring it back! My whole family takes these!!

  48. Merrick Dean

    Yep add me to that long list !! Why do you discontinue things that are popular ! This and your discontinuation of the Calcium, Magnesium with Vitamin d in a Greens Base.. Has just ruined my health 🙁
    5 stars for the product but minus stars for discontinuing this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Dorian Gables

    TJ’s Papaya Enzyme works like magic. I’ve tried other brands but the one TJ carries (or carried/discontinued,boo!) works the best..tastes great too. Why TJ? Why? Bring these back. This product is what brings me into the store and I leave purchasing other items whilst I’m there. Now that I know the product is discontinued, I don’t have the same urgency to make my way into TJs.

  50. Candy Richichi

    I’m so disappointed that’s Trader Joe’s discontinued the enzymes. I am dependent on these since I and stomach surgery years ago. Why would they taking something away that helps people. When I was told this I started crying. Please bring them back. I’m begging you. Nothing else compares !!!

  51. Ashlee Reed

    What happened to the Papaya Enzymes??? My family and I have used them for decades for when we needed some digestive assistance. Will you please tell us what happened and the likelihood of the item returning to the store again?

  52. Laura Krug

    My whole family is mourning the loss of these enzymes !!!!! We have all been taking them for years. We are soooooo sad.

  53. Marian Niculescu

    I am so sad that TJ decided to discontinue digestive enzymes.. I am being forced to not shop there anymore… as TJ ” Must ” be loyal to their customers. So sad !

  54. roxann

    i have digestive problems and was told to take these, they work. its obvious that a lot of people really like this product. im wondering why you do not answer any of the questions asked concerning discontinuance. is there a different site that has the answer? l would think loyal customers deserve an

  55. Sandra Barton

    No more enzymes, my last bottle is about to be empty. Have taken these ever since TJ’s came to Texas. Great product, too bad TJ’s is becoming like every other grocery store, no longer special.

  56. Lisa

    PLEASE bring these back! 5 star product but I only gave 3 due to unavailability

  57. Lisa

    Oh no I am the last to know….please bring back this product!!

  58. Fritz

    bummer. can’t find the ingredients even to compare another product.

  59. TJ

    Add another to list of DESPERATE people NEEDING these enzymes BACK ON THE SHELVES!!!!

  60. Old lady who needs these enzymes.

    No response from Trader Joe’s????
    I have a never-opened sealed bottle of these sitting in front of me, dated Exp. 2003. Now I am seriously considering using them, antiquated or not. I was just checking to see if they were safe after so long.
    Why on earth is there no comment from Trader Joe’s???? I have only recently begun shopping there. Was excited about it. How am I to rate this product?

  61. mc

    I am also sad to see this product discontinued. Has anyone found anything similar? Please post if you have any suggestions.

  62. Amy Sabky

    I relied on these for years as well. Its sad to see so much silly redundancy taking hold in the nutritionals area of the stores. For instance, a glut of giant canisters of protein powders, 4 or 5 types/ flavors, muscling out the tried and true. Too many CoQ10 options, when all you need is Ubiquinol , the best form. The change in product line-up does not seem finely considered to me.

  63. Leslie Rayman

    I Didnt find out until this week that the papaya enzymes have been discontinued. Why? I see no explanation from Trader Joe’s anywhere. I relied on them. They worked. I gave them to friends. I have been shopping for something comparable and have found nothing. They tasted good, quickly got rid of stomach discomfort and gas and I sometimes ate one in the middle of the day, with or without relieved nausea, heartburn, upset. I havent seen one negative review. Why does Trader Joe’s discontinue a product customers like? Please bring them back

  64. Brunie Torres

    I been using the papaya enzymes for more than a decade. This has been the only product that had help me with my stomach issues. Please bring them back.

  65. Douglas Siner

    From a dedicated customer of 30 years, reducing/removal of your vitamin and supplements (especially the Pineapple Papaya enzymes) is a change that will also remove many of your loyal customers and their friends. Disappointed in TJ decision maker responsible for this move.

  66. David G

    Just adding my voice and name to this list of people who are extremely disappointed in TJ discontinuing these. Have been taking them for years and they really did help. Please bring back.

  67. Diane Ruszczyk

    I agree with everyone who has posted here. The Papaya Enzymes were the best thing for my stomach. I can’t find anything else that works so well. Please bring them back!!

  68. Esther Mast

    I, too, am disappointed that these have been discontinued. They are great for relieving heartburn. I’ve scrolled down and find so many with the same sentiments. The least you can do is answer the question….Why were they discontinued? Was it ordered by the government like Zantac and Ranitidine? What else is there to use for heartburn?

  69. Fran

    Please bring back the enzymes. They have been so very helpful for relieving my husband’s gall bladder discomfort for years.

  70. Anouck LeFur

    I guess Trader Joe’s is not impressed by the numerous request for bring it back this product. They do not even bother to address the issue or respond.

  71. Shawn

    There is a better TJ’s website to leave your comments and concerns about the Papaya Pineapple Enzymes. Go to: – Customer Inquiries – Product/General Feedback – and leave your message! :Let’s see if we can bring these things back!

  72. Shawn Glyde

    Their response to my inquiry:

    Thank you so much for contacting us and sharing this valuable feedback. Our mission is to bring you the best quality products at the best prices, every day. To do this, we have to manage our store space well. Each of our products must “stand on its own,” meaning it must pay its own way. But first, a product must earn its way onto our shelves by passing certain criteria, including a rigorous tasting panel process.

    There may be several factors that determine when/why we discontinue products:
    It may be a seasonal product or one we are only able to get a limited quantity of – for example, Brussels Sprouts Stalks, which are only harvested specific times of the year.
    The cost of producing the item may increase (change in commodity prices, new manufacturing requirements, etc.), and in turn, our price. If it no longer makes sense as a value, then we may choose to discontinue it.
    The gangway factor – because we introduce new products every week, we have to eliminate items that aren’t selling strongly enough to earn their spot on our shelf. It’s a matter of space. And it keeps things interesting.
    We do not enter into the decision to discontinue a product lightly. We understand that it can be disappointing – devastating, even. We are Trader Joe’s customers too, after all.
    However, we want you to know that we take customer requests into account when we develop new products or revisit old favorites. Your suggestion has been received and will be forwarded to the appropriate buyer for consideration.
    Thank you for being a Trader Joe’s customer—we appreciate you!

  73. eileen shannahan

    Yes, the enzymes have helped many in my family, from seniors to children. They were wonderful on many levels.

    PLEASE bring them back.

  74. dn

    We have used the Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes for years and it really does help. I was very sad to hear that it has been discontinued. I’ve been trying to find something to replace it but I have not found anything that works well.
    I hope you re-evaluate and consider bringing this product back. I’m sure if more people knew about it, it would be a product that many people can’t live without. We sure can’t.

  75. Brian Davidson

    Please bring Trader Joe’s Natural Papaya & Pineapple Enzyme tablets back. I used them for years. The black dots never affected taste nor effectiveness. Nothing on the market today compares with settling an upset stomach.

  76. Mazie

    Please please please bring these back! This is the ONLY thing that always works with my intense acid reflux! I’ve found other brands but no ones is as good as yours. Im talking ive been on prescriptions and other herbal remedies and this, this right here has been my go to miracle relief.

  77. Broderick Blocker

    I am still missing the Papaya & Pineapple enzyme tablets. I check every time I come in to see if they’re back. WE NEED THESE!!!

  78. Mary Aktay

    BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Adriana

    These were great, please bring themback

  80. Michele Morelli

    BRING THEM BACK. I have used them for years! Great for stomach aches.

  81. Jenna

    Please bring them back. My husband having a digesting difficulty misses it a lot.

  82. TINA

    How inhumane are you Traitor Joe??!!! People are literally BEGGING YOU to bring these BACK. The very LEAST you can do is tell us who tge manufacturer was!@

  83. Lb

    Why God why would Trader Joe’s do me like this. BRING THIS product back. I have tried other brands and they taste terrible.

  84. LH

    These worked beautifully to prevent bloat and gas after a bean-heavy meal. Very disappointed to hear they’re discontinued.

  85. Anonymous

    Please, please, please bring them back!

  86. Andrea

    There was and still is NOTHING out there better as an enzyme combo and it’s efficacy, not to mention consistency and taste.
    Please bring them back or let us know the manufacturer to obtain something possibly close. They were superb and superior!

  87. A Very Disappointed Customer

    A friend wasn’t feeling well after eating . I told her I had Trader Joe’s papaya & pineapple enzymes. She took one and felt better in no time. I told her to keep it and I would get another bottle. I was shocked not to see any on the shelf so I asked about it at customer service. I’m soooo upset that Trader Joe’s has discontinued this great product. I’ve been using it for many years. Now we all need to find another product to use. Shaking my head at this loss.

  88. Northern Nevada Shopper

    I agree with everyone above – BRING BACK THE PAPAYA & PINEAPPLE ENZYMES!!!!!!!!! Several of my favorite products have been discontinued and it is SO HARD to find replacements. Another one is the Nourish Spa shampoo and conditioner. Used it for years, and then all of a sudden they are gone as well. The shampoo and conditioner replacements are not great and don’t work for my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to travel across town for the closest TJ’s and only go about once a month. So sad to get there and not be able to find my favorite products! Very disappointing!

  89. Sherri

    Papaya Bromelain Enzymes – Excellent Or at least tell us who manufactured them!

  90. another disappointed shopper

    It is apparent that the management of Trader Joe’s is not particularly interested in the wishes of their customers. The enzymes are just one of many products which have just disappeared. I find that Trader Joe’s seems to be doing a good job of pushing me to other stores. The last time I asked about a variety of discontinued products, I was not even given the courtesy of a reply beyond the automated response indicating the email had been received.

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