Trader Joe’s Organic Spinach & Ricotta Pizza Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Spinach & Ricotta Pizza Reviews

  1. Lorr

    Crust is kinda gross — chewy, dense, powdery and bland. It overwhelms the rest of the pizza, which might’ve had a decent flavor had it not been sitting atop this crust.

  2. lorr

    Me again. I just threw away the remaining 2/3 of this pizza. Life is too short to subject myself to eating bad frozen pizza.

  3. Martha

    We added black olives, additional seasoning and tomatoes and it tasted good. The crust seemed moist but we thought it was from our additional ingredients.

  4. Charlie

    Its a shame we have brain dead people like the previous ones that complanined about this pizza, it was the best pizza, trader joe ever put out!!

  5. Faye

    This is one of my favorite pizza ever.

  6. Sofia

    Never been the same since they discontinued this pizza, I think it could single-handedly cure my depression

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