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27 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Spicy Taco Sauce Reviews

  1. Joe Taco

    I could drink this straight from the bottle! Although this looks like Tapatio, it is much different; more vinegary, not quite as hot and hints of spices like oregano.

  2. Wes

    This new TJ’s hot sauce is really good! As another reviewer mentions, it looks like Tapatio/Cholula-style hot sauce, but it has a deeper flavor with other spices too (not to say that it’s better than those, because they’re of course delicious, but this is just in a different lane).

    It’s spicy but not 10/10 hot, and the viscosity is sort of like a combination of those types of hot sauces vs. Sriracha. I used it with some salsa verde chicken, black beans, and rice, and it was delicious.

  3. Raimund Schulze

    Please bring this back!!!!!!

  4. Christie Adams

    PLEASE BRING THIS BAAAAACCCCCKKKKK. I’m so sad that this has been removed. It was the ONLY Taco sauce my family and I enjoyed. Please, please, please

  5. Nick Adams

    Best product I’ve had and can no longer find? What happened to this product. Please bring this back.

  6. Riki

    Have to go along with everyone else and really wish you’d bring it back!!!! We discovered this sauce last fall – the best one my husband has ever had – wen’t back only 2 weeks later to get more and it was GONE!!!! Please bring it back!!!

  7. Jennell

    Please please work out whatever issues you had with the manufacturer and BRING THIS BACK !!!

  8. Anonymous

    Best taco sauce ever! Please bring this stuff back there is nothing like it!!!

  9. frank

    best taco sauce on the market. balanced flavor and just spicy enough to enhance the taste of your meal without overpowering it. please bring this product back.

  10. Amy

    I agree! Bring it back, pretty please!!

  11. Johnathon Jones

    Back, please?

  12. Pam Clark

    Any news on how the issues with the quality control are going??
    A lot of people will be so happy if & when
    It come back!!!!

  13. Andrea Mudiraj

    Please bring this back.

  14. amy schmitt

    please bring this back, it was delicious!!

  15. Laura

    I loved this taco sauce and have been so sad not to see it at the store again. I agree with everyone above: please bring this back!! It is so delicious!

  16. Jeffrey D

    Please, please, please bring this “Taco Sauce” back, it was delicious!!

  17. Jackie

    The BEST TACO SAUCE EVER! I’m SO SAD it’s not being sold anymore. Trader Joe’s— please bring it back!!!!

  18. Ben

    What a sad night, just used up my last bit of sauce. So sad I haven’t been able to find it since. I wish I would have bought more.

  19. Scott

    Bring this back!!

  20. Annette McDonald

    You’ll get “5 STARS” when you BRING TJ ORGANIC TACO SAUCE BACK!!!!!!

  21. Milly

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jeff

    My heart is shattered into a million tiny torilla pieces. Why? Whyyyy have you discontinued this product!?

    What do I have to do to convince you to return this to the shelves so I can go back to buying gallons of it!?!? PLEASE TELL ME!

  23. Jennifer Tiedemann

    I cannot believe this sauce is gone, are you bringing it back

  24. Jim

    Its BACK!

  25. Pavel Masevich

    It’s back!!!!

  26. Me

    Great sauce, very good flavor profile. Not that spicy.

  27. Pam

    Best Taco Sauce! Please bring this back so we can enjoy our breakfast burritos once again.

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