Trader Joe’s Organic Refried Pinto Beans (Salsa Style) Reviews

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21 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Refried Pinto Beans (Salsa Style) Reviews

  1. A. Harwood

    These are my go-to refried beans. I would have given them 5 stars except that they are a bit hotter (still pretty mild) than T. J.’s previous version. My elderly throat prefers less heat.
    Ingredients are: water, pinto beans, chili peppers, onions, sea salt, coriander, citric acid. All except water, salt and citric acid are organic.

  2. Bruce Roller

    I am quite upset that TJ’s discontinued their organic salsa style refried beans. It was my favorite.

  3. Laura

    I am soooooo upset Trader Joe’s organic salsa style refried beans have been discontinued—they were my favorite! None of the others compare. If I had known, I would have stocked up on them. Please Trader Joe’s BRING THESE BACK!!

  4. Laura

    I am soooooo upset Trader Joe’s organic salsa style refried beans have been discontinue. ! None of the others compare. If I had known, I would have stocked up on them. Please Trader Joe’s BRING THESE BACK!!

  5. Sandy

    These are the best refried beans. Please bring them back. Bad choice to discontinue.

  6. RU Reddy

    Boohoo!!! These are hands-down THE best refried beans and very popular. So why would you discontinue them, TJ? Oh…..maybe cos the folks that produced them for you discontinued YOU?

  7. Susan Hartley

    WHY were these discontinued? Please bring them back. They’re the best refried beans I’ve ever found and I’m using my last can tonight! Looks like there are lots of other unhappy customers that want them brought back too. PLEASE bring them back!!!

  8. PSchmidt

    WHY did you discontinue this item?!?!?! It is a staple in my pantry. This is the best refried pinto beans around. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!!! It is disappointing that a popular item suddenly gets discontinued, without any warning. If I had known, I would’ve stocked up.

  9. Donna Norris

    PLEASE bring back your Salsa refried beans. They are the best. Please consider bringing them back. Also, please consider opening a Trader Joe’s in Natomas (Sacramento).

  10. Anonymous

    Please bring back the TJs Salsa Style refried beans! If you need to discontinue one, discontinue the fat free blah ones!

  11. Shelley Gosney

    Sooooo disappointed to see this amazing tasting vegetarian refried bean discontinued. Have tried so many other brands and NONE of them even come close. PLEASE TJ’s bring back a comparable option.


    Bring back the organic refried beans. No other refried beans, even the authentic ones some stores carry, can compare to the flavor and texture of these. I know they were popular. Maybe it’s a supply issue of organic beans, but if that is it the shortage for what ever reason won’t last forever so please bring them back then if that is the issue. THANK YOU!!!

  13. Stephanie

    the Salsa Style Refried Beans are wonderful with a great taste and texture. I’ve tried all the Trader Joe’s refried bean options, and this was always the best one. I’ve been using it for years to make quesadillas and nachos. I just learned from another site that were recently discontinued and I’m very sad to hear it! I really hope they’ll return one day…If anyone knows of another brand that makes a comparable product, please share in your review.

  14. DeeDee

    These are by far the best refried beans I have ever tasted. I have been craving them. After reading these reviews, I’m realizing that they’re discontinued. Wow!

  15. Bill Ballou

    These have been my favorite refried beans as a vegan. I always stock up when I buy them and I was sad today to find these were no longer being sold. Why stop such a wonderful product? I join the others in pleading for these to return. Trust me, you will sell them to me. I’ll buy them by the case if you bring them back.

  16. EF

    Why is TJ’s discontinuing all my favorite items? I’m so upset. I hope Natural Grocers or another store has something similar. PLEASE bring these back.

  17. Starrski

    Bring these back along with acerola cherry puree, the olive Tapenade And the jalapeno hot sauce! I mean come onnnnn of things to discontinue. There are so many other things ypu could get rid of these are all top sellers i wouldnt be mad if you brought back the soft lady fingers as well

  18. Starrski

    P.s. when you discontinue an item at least provide us with the supplier info we all know ypu just slap your name on everything and it is possible to buy our beloved products else where

  19. Russell

    Dude, why were these discontinued? Best refried beans around – and relatively healthy compared to all the others. Please bring these back.

  20. Anonymous

    bring these back
    best beans ever 🙁

  21. Rose

    I keep going back to the store in the hopes I’ll see the pinto refried beans again and always get out of there disappointed. Then today I had the bright idea of going on the website (for the first time) to see if they were only discontinuted at our location and now I’m about to cry, y’all.
    I wonder whey did you all discontinued it? It was hard to keep them on the shelves because they sold so well and then they were gone. Will you ever bring these back again? Please, I’m unshamely begging like a dog LOL..

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