Trader Joe’s Organic Pappardelle Pasta Nests Reviews

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Macaroni product imported from Italy.

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Pappardelle Pasta Nests Reviews

  1. Michell

    I was told this is seasonal? Is this accurate? Best pasta I have ever tried. Please bring it back.

  2. Dennis Foreman

    I am befuddled by the laudatory reviews I’ve seen for Trader Joe’s Organic Pappardelle Pasta Nests. By a long way, this is the worst pasta my wife and have ever experienced.

    Prepared exactly per the package directions, this pappardelle was gummy and seemed over-cooked. Worse, its taste ruined the red sauce with bracciole that is a favorite of ours.

    We cook quite a lot of pasta and are very familiar with DeCecco and Barilla dry pastas. We’ve made our pasta, and, recently we’ve enjoyed Rana fresh pastas.

    The 3-Star rating is a generous one, recognizing that our experience might not be typical. We may have bought from a bad batch, possibly?

  3. Michael

    A great pasta for the price. Not the same quality as DeCecco, but at $3.49 for almost 18 ounces, it’s a great choice.

    To the above review, If you follow the directions on the package and cook it for 12 minutes it’ll be gummy and ruined. These noodles are best cooked for 8-9 minutes and then finished in the sauce.

    To the other review above, these are seasonal. I went to purchase more today and was told that they are no longer available in 2022.

  4. Anonymous

    Great pasta! We love it. Pleas bring it back.

  5. Anonymous

    I bought some in the late summer/early fall of 2022. There were supply chain issues, so that’s why it was absent for almost half a year. My store still carries them. These just taste like regular pappardelle. Nothing special about it. Rating is more like 3.5 stars.

  6. Anonymous

    Taste like regular Pappardelle pasta.

  7. Kathleen

    I have loved these nests for years. These are the only wide pasta noodles that my granddaughter can eat because they are made without eggs. She always asks for “fat noodles” when she visits. My vegan sister also loves them!

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