Trader Joe’s Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal Reviews

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58 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal Reviews

  1. Caitlin

    Hearty and delicious! This is such a great healthy breakfast option. Just be careful if you’re making it in the microwave, because it tends to bubble over!

  2. Diana deNoyelles

    This was by far my favorite hot cereal. I added dried wild blueberries and cranberries and cooked it in the misrowave for 3 minutes. So sorry they discontinued it. Don’t know where to get an equivalent. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

  3. Jason Smith

    I’m not sure, but I’m trying this recipe I found online:

    100:90:80:70 ratio
    Organic rye flakes are $0.99 a pound.
    Organic barley flakes are $2.09 a pound.
    Organic Rolled Oats are $1.49 a pound.
    Organic Rolled Wheat is $1.59 a pound.

    Anyone else, HELP! I can’t believe it’s gone….

  4. Blake

    Hoping it’s not gone for good, but if so, Bob’s Red Mill has a few hot multigrain cereal options. The 5 grain is pretty similar, but includes triticale and flaxseed meal in addition to the wheat, rye, barley, and oats. I haven’t tried it yet, but my stash of TJ’s just ran out so I’m going to hunt it down as soon as I finish whatever random meusli’s I have lying around. If you go through a lot Bob’s has a 25 lb bag for $36 or $1.44/lb before tax.

  5. Lisa Smith

    I love it too. I eat it as over-night cereal. Sprouts has a 6 Grain Hot Cereal in the bulk section that is good. No flaxseed meal.

  6. Anonymous

    Hopefully they bring this back.

  7. Lisa

    This has been our breakfast for a decade. We loved it because: 1) While it had oats it wasn’t slimy; 2) It was organic; 3) It did not have flavoring of any kind; 4) It did not have flaxseed or other high fat ingredients; 5) It was quick and easy; 6) It was a fantastic value. We bought a lot of it at a time to cut down on trips to the store. Our stock just ran out and I found out it was discontinued. I’ve never found another hot cereal that is truly comparable. It’s “just” a cereal but it’s not. It was a trusted, foundational part of every day that I didn’t have to think about or worry about. I cannot believe they discontinued such an important staple food. I’m in shock. Once they also discontinue my favorite oil-free tomato sauce I’ll have no reason to make the trip all the way out to TJ’s at all. Everything else I can find comparable products much closer to home. Such a disappointment. Seriously rocked my world – and not in a good way.

  8. enrique

    bring it back, please

  9. Anonymous

    Like so many wonderful products, they have discontinued it according to my local store.

  10. Sylvia

    I wondered whether the Organic multigrain hot cereal had been discontinued. I was not much of an oatmeal eater until I tried one and loved. I can’t believe that it’s been discontinued. Please consider bringing it back. Thank you

  11. Nancy

    So disappointed that TJs discontinued this product. It’s the only oatmeal I ever purchased. So glad I bought several of them a while ago even though I had no idea they would stop selling it. Please bring it back.

  12. Notaceliac

    OH NO!!! Please tell me it’s going to return to the shelves of a TJ’s somewhere near me!! I’ve perfected a whole grain bread recipe around this pantry staple and it’s so wonderfully delicious I was certain TJ’s would want the recipe. It’s the only reason I checked the website. Despair. Woe. Please say it isn’t so!

  13. Rebecca

    I love this hot cereal. So much tastier than oatmeal. I would add blueberries, apples or applesauce. So deliciously filling.

  14. Rebecca

    I love this hot cereal. So much tastier than oatmeal. I would add blueberries, apples or applesauce. So deliciously filling. Please bring it back.

  15. Anonymous

    We need it back now!!! If they stop selling tamales, TJ is dead to me.

  16. Curt Westermann

    I too loved this product and like so many other reviewers, find myself needing to look beyond TJ for a replacement…

  17. Rebecca

    We were so disappointed when our pantry staple was discontinued. We enjoyed it several times a week with dried cranberries and a touch real maple cream. It was so much better than plain oatmeal.
    Please Please Please TJ’s consider bringing this back to the shelf.

  18. Carol

    Agree with the others – sad to see it’s gone. I would much rather make see this back on the shelf than the overabundance of sugary treats at TJs. It was a unique hot cereal and they should sell and market it as such at least at beginning of year while people are still trying to do their health related resolutions.

  19. Laura G

    I agree it was unique and by far the best. I’ve tried Bob’s, and Great Harvest Bakery’s. Both get slimy. Might try the proportions Jason mentioned.

  20. SoCal Gal

    My favorite for hot multi-grain cereal for years. I trust TJ’s will bring it back. It has been out of stock before, though usually only during warmer season months.

  21. Carl P.

    Very sorry this very good healthy product has been discontinued. Any reason why?

  22. Elena

    My family loved it for at least a decade. I usually bought it quantities of 6 because I don’t have Traders Joe in closed proximity to my house. they put on shelfs some more expensive version but it is not the same. it is not $2.69 but $4+ and it has seeds but beside seeds it is mushy. We liked the fact that old version of multigrain hot cereal was on a chewy side. I saw it in the store sometimes in December and I decided that I still 2 of them at home and I will buy it after the Holiday. When I came to Trader Joe at the end of December late night I decided that they are simply out of stock or on hold to have space on shelfs for holiday products. I was wrong. I did not see my favorite hot cereal on the shelfs since and just confirmed that item is discontinued. Very upset. so far the only substitute I found is Bobs Mill multigrain(5, 6, 7 grains) hot cereal. It costs a little more but it is close to texture to the Trader Joe’s. Now I will do business now with Bobs Red Mill brand or Nature Path who still produces and sells their organic multigrain hot cereal and before I discovered Trader’s Joe version I used to buy Nature Path. It is very good.

  23. Carol

    I am hopeful Trader Joe’s will bring this back. If you miss it, too, go to their website Contact Us page and submit a Product Feedback request.

  24. Carolyn

    I was devastated to learn that my favorite breakfast is no longer available because it has been discontinued. There is nothing comparable and I’m not going to buy plain oats which for some reason are available everywhere, including many varieties at Trader Joes. I agree with what others have written also.

  25. Susan

    I’m beyond disbelief TJ discontinued the Multigrain Hot Cereal! It’s been my daily breakfast since forever – and to say it’s changed my life would be an understatement. The “replacement” on the shelf, Organic Rolled Oats w/Ancient Grains and Seeds, isn’t even comparable – and costs nearly twice as much. I’m dismayed with disappointment in TJ. Please bring the Multigrain back … it feels like I’ve lost a good friend.

  26. Karen

    Traders Joe’s multigrain hot cereal is my husbands favorite for over 10 years. Nothing compares. Please bring it back.

  27. Amelia

    Please bring this back. It is my mother’s favorite!

  28. Pam

    Loved Trader Joe’s organic multigrain cereal. If and when it returns, I find Woodstock multigrain oatmeal very delicious as a substitute.

  29. Ashley

    Anyone find a good substitute? My 4 year old has lived on this daily for 2 years now. Mornings are a disaster without it as there’s nothing else she’ll eat before school:(. The nice worker at TJ’s pointed me to the Old Fashioned Oats but she’ll eat 2 bites. Help!!

  30. sibyl

    Please bring it back !

  31. Cindy Crittenden

    I, too, am SO DISAPPOINTED in the Multigrain Hot Cereal has been discontinued. How could Trader Joe’s do this to us! There is nothing on the market that is comparable! Please, Trader Joe’s, bring back our favorite cereal!

  32. Tony H

    For anyone wanting to find this product now that TJ no longer seems to carry it. I found that it was rebranded from this “Nature’s Path Organic Hot Cereal, Multigrain, 18 Ounce Canister” But recently I have not been able to find the original brand either. Maybe if we all call them they will bring it back.

    I loved this product, but didn’t use it as a cereal. It cooks very quickly and doesn’t get the gelatinous texture that pure oats do. I used this heavily as a speedy and affordable way to stretch other dishes and even as fast way to substitute for rice.

    Add 1/4 to 1/3 cup to Spicy Bite type Indian curry and no need for rice. Add to chili. Add to canned soup to make it into a hearty meal. etc. Add some spices to keep the overall flavor and you can easily double the quantity of a dish. If the look of rolled oats in non breakfast dishes, puts off someone in your family just run it through a spice grinder / mill, or even hand chop it so it’s not so recognizable. It’s particularly good with Coconut based curries. It’s also handy for stir fry’s when you need to pull some water out to prevent them from being soggy.

  33. CL

    Bring Back Trader Joe’s Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal! We All Love it.

  34. JB

    I guess I wasn’t the only one that loved this in the mornings. I used it in cookies and breads as well. It was so yummy! Going to give Bob’s Red Mill a shot but will miss this. The toasted oats one is yuck.

  35. Blaire

    What a shock to go to Trader Joes todays and find this cereal has been discontinued! I know several people who share my sadness. I could even get my grandchildren to eat this cereal! PLEASE bring it back! My stash is almost depleted. Purchasing this cereal was my draw to Trader Joes and to trying and purchasing other items. It is serious when I leave a comment!

  36. John

    This was the best hot cereal hands down. Taste, texture, awesome every time. Just add blueberries or strawberries sliced almonds and anything else you could get your hands on to mix it up so it didn’t get old. I can’t believe you guys discontinued it, PLEASE BRING IT BACK. THANK YOU

  37. Eleanor Read

    Please bring it back . I do not know what to do with out it. I am on my last box. It is one of the main reason I shop at TJ.

  38. stephanie

    best cereal ever and i’m not alone. i need this every morning!!! they had a sign that said discontinued and i bought 20 of them. then it stayed for several more months. Suddenly, it was gone. gone. I hate the versions with flax.

  39. Erica

    The first time I went to TJs for something else (they are not right near me) I didn’t need more of this yet but noticed they were out. I made a special trip there this weekend bc I was finally depleted and still nothing. Not even a space on the shelf for it. I cannot believe they discontinued it. One of the things that drew me to TJs. Please bring it back!

  40. Bill

    You should bring this cereal back or tell your loyal customers why you would discontinue something so popular. Store managers tell us that they get many inquiries A DAY for this product.

  41. Judy

    I agree! Please bring it back!

  42. Maureen

    Bring it back Trader Joe’s- my favorite hot cereal. Perfect texture without all the seeds of other brands.

  43. Susan

    Please bring multi grain oatmeal back! It was delicious. Regular oatmeal is so bland. I tried the TJ organic rolled oats with ancient grains and seeds. It tastes like paste.


    Bring it back….there is a demand for it. Make it happen Trader Joe, we love your Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal!

  45. Melody

    Nooooo! Please bring it back! I not only used it for “overnight oats” but replaced it in baked goods that called for oatmeal – one is breakfast cookies and the other is a brown bread – it has to come back it has to come back it has to come back!

  46. Diana

    Please please bring back the multigrain cereal. Loved it. No little seeds. Chewy and nutty. Can’t find a good substitute. Don’t know why you discontinued it.


    Please bring it back, i beg you please.

  48. Judy Brija-Towery

    This multi-grain was perfect. So missing it. Can’t find a replacement as I am allergic to flax and so many multi-grain cereals contain it. Hoping it will come back.

  49. Lisa

    I am so disappointed to hear that this has been discontinued. This has been a daily food for my husband and I. No other brand compares to it. Please bring it back.

  50. rose

    PLEASE bring back TJ’s Organic Multigrain Hot Cereal! Just this morning we ate some of the last batch (exp. 7/15/22), and it’s starting to go off, :•(. PLEASE!!!

  51. Marilyn Reid

    Bring it back

  52. Ann Buxbaum

    One more addition to the crowd. Please, please bring it back!

  53. Evelyn Dale

    Yes, Please, PLEASE, BRING IT BACK!!! It’s the absolute best!

  54. Cheryl Motko

    Please this back, it’s the only reason I shop at Trader Joe’s, so glad I purchased serval a while back, I was so disappointed today when I stopped to purchase more.

  55. Henry N.

    Organic multi grain hot cereal: Why is this no longer stocked on Trader Joe’s shelves? It is the BEST hot cereal they ever sold. Bring it back, please.

  56. Sandra Scott

    My husband and I loved TJ Multgrain cereal. When it was discontinued in the lock store, I ask my daughter in a larger town to check several TJ stores for the cereal, She found one store that had about 24 boxes some of which were out dated but I bought all of them and put in our freezer. I am just now finishing the last one. Trader Joe, please, return the Multigrain Oat Meal to your stores.

  57. Katerina Jadovsky

    I absolutely love this cereal and would stock up and keep it in my freezer. I don’t have cereal every day, but when I want something hot, this is my go-to. I’ve also added it to my greek yogurt with some fruit, and I’ve added it to smoothies. I will miss it.

    Such a stupid thing to discontinue, but I guess it wasn’t a big seller. Hmmph…yeah, ok

  58. Yolanda hinkson

    I loved this cereal very much it’s was the only cereal that helped me when i was in the hospital when i under go sergery and was consipated for three days please bring it back !!!

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