Trader Joe’s Organic Milk from Grass Fed Cows Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

Whole 3.5% milkfat. Ultra pasteurized. Grade A and homogenized.

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Milk from Grass Fed Cows Reviews

  1. Maxwell Hunter

    It’s good. Better than the regular organic milk.

  2. Kuguru

    Pretty good. Better than their organic milk.

  3. Shari

    It’s tasty and it’s not ultra pasteurized like some of the grass-fed milk and other stores. However, it’s clearly not from 100% grass-fed cows because it doesn’t say 100% anywhere on the label. So at any point in their lives these dairy cows could be fed corn or silage or anything else that cows in a feedlot are fed. Grassfed just means that they had grass for a certain percentage of their lives. It doesn’t really mean that much unless the label says 100% grassfed and it costs a lot more.

  4. Anonymous

    Best organic whole milk!!

  5. Simeon S

    This is the best milk in the country! Im Bulgarian and i make yogurt at home very often, and i know what good milk is, and what garbage is. This is excellent milk, best one in America! I hope it stays around at trader joe till i die.

  6. Robin

    I smell and taste chlorine in this milk product when heating it to boil for pudding. What the heck is that about? Unheard of! This can only mean that somewhere in the production chain, tap water (or ?) is added into the milk! This would surely be a first for whatever this is. If true, this is a terrible idea.

  7. Lauren

    I’m going to agreed with Robin’s review (above or below). I have been buying this milk for my toddler after wheening her off of Breastmilk and formula. And we have noticed her urine having a strong smell, almost like chlorine. Even myself, and that’s the only things we share in common. My husband doesn’t drink it and he’s fine. I believe excessive l, or long use may not be good. I’ve recently discovered it may be this after taking her off of other drinks we have been giving her (Pedisure) and now I’m waiting for a change. No more milk just water for sometime, until this clears out her system.

  8. Eva

    This milk used to be very tasty. however, the production stopped for like 2 months during 2021, and then came back. They are completely tasteless ever since they brought them back to shelf. It seems the milk got diluted with quite amount of tap water. I think the product should be investigated due to its much lower quality.

  9. Mariana Ovalle

    I cannot drink it. It does not taste good. I cannot pinpoint what flavor is not right. I won’t buy it again.

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