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61 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic High Fiber O’s Reviews

  1. Diane DeNuccio

    Great fiber but the cereal is as hard as rocks. Soaked in milk several minutes hoping they’d soften up a bit. Disappointed. Cereal needs to be crunchy not downright hard. These o’s are tooth-breakers. I ended up putting the whole boxful in my food processor and ground them to fine crumbs to use for breading chicken!

  2. Diane Davis

    I agree!!! Cereal is much too hard! I miss the Joe’s O’s that used be available… sugar and no salt! I used to buy it regularly.

  3. Jen

    Actually, both my boys love this cereal, even more than they love honey nut O’s!

  4. Kim

    I absolutely love these. They have just enough sweetness and we love to eat as a snack and with milk. My daughter calls them mommy o’s b/c I eat them all the time (and she loves them too). I like that they keep their crunch and are a great healthy snack any time of day.

  5. Jakey

    Jen, sorry to break it to you… your boys are lying about their so called splendid experience with these Organic High Fiber O’s.

  6. Karen Lamb

    I love the high fiber O’s. They are crunchy and don’t get soggy in milk. And they taste great, too.

  7. Kay

    Horrors! My local TJ’s has been out of this cereal for a while—when I asked about if it was going to be restocked, they told me it had actually been discontinued! Boohoo!!!

  8. Chris

    Same. amazing cereal that will break your teeth even after soaking in milk. our families favorite cereal. MIA for a while. now got word its been discontinued.

  9. Kate W.B.

    I absolutely love this cereal and used to buy huge stashes of it so I could take it on Navy ships for deployment – I grew up loving things like Grape Nuts too so the fact that it’s super crunchy and doesn’t go soggy after two seconds in milk is a huge plus in my book. It’s my favorite and I was so excited when we finally got TJ’s in NH so I could buy it again after I left active duty and moved back home. I even got my hubby hooked, and he’s a picky eater who hates every other high fiber cereal brand I’ve tried to feed him. No one makes one like this – and now I got word in NH that it’s been discontinued too! I really hope they will reconsider and bring this amazing cereal back to their regular line-up.

  10. cereal boy

    I was hoping it was off the shelves simply for supply issues but recently discovered what others here already have, that it has been discontinued. This is a horrible move by TJs. They want everyone to migrate to the High Fiber cereal they have, but it’s an entirely different type of cereal.

  11. Dave

    My favorite all-time cereal. I can only hope they will choose to bring it back. Wish they had discontinued their other fiber cereal and left this one on the shelves.

  12. LB

    I am SO sad that this has been discontinued. Like Kate, I would buy a whole bunch and bring it on trips with me because it doesn’t get crushed up in transit and stays crunchy. Please please bring it back!!

  13. David

    This is the greatest cereal in history and they discontinued it I’m so disappointed and horrified!! I buy 12 boxes at a time it is the only cereal I can eat!!

  14. Laura

    This is disappointing Trader Joe’s. Discontinued? This is the best cereal of all time and the only one of its kind. It stays crispy and crunchy even after being in milk for a long time. Please bring this back. I don’t know if I’ll recover.

  15. Lauren

    This is/was the best cereal I ever ate and turned many friends and family onto it as well. It stood out from the others because it did stay crunchy. Why have 100s of cereals that get mushy?? Big mistake to discontinue it. Very sad and disappointed.

  16. Anonymous

    I MISS THiS CEREAL!!! So incredibly disappointed to learn it was discontinued. I would buy stashes to take abroad. For years. Always had several boxes at home. The absolute best. Please consider bringing back. We’ve lost too many good things these last few years not our O’s too!

  17. Sarah

    This is tragic. Such a superior cereal. I too have gotten so many friends and family addicted to it. It was my standby. Discontinuing staple breakfast foods is the worst.

  18. Anonymous

    I’ve been searching for this cereal for over a month now, trying over 6 different TJ’s in 300 mile area and searching online…that’s how good it was to me. I’m SO disappointed it’s been discontinued. Please bring it back, TJ’s. As many others have already said, we love it because it stays crunchy in milk. It fits a niche of us who truly enjoy it and will forever be your fans and product purchasers. Thanks for considering this.

  19. Anonymous

    One of the best cereals I’ve found in the last decade. And now, discontinued?? Very sad about that! With the best ingredient list, nothing came close to the crispness, taste, satisfaction of eating a bowlful to start my day. Back to cooking oatmeal all the time instead of just once every couple weeks, I guess:(

  20. Greg

    I have been eating it for years. J b st found out it was discontinued.
    Please bring it back.
    Trader Joe’s is not close to us. This is the main reason we would make a trip there. While there we would stock up on other things. Well they now lost that business as well.
    Guess it will be go lean from now on.

  21. Rick

    I have been eating Organic High Fiber 0’s almost every morning since 2010. The is a high quality product made in Canada. Please tell us the name of the maker. We will put them back in business. With honey and real fruit added this is a great healthy way to start the day. As for the crunch, you need it as part of your participation as an animal.

  22. Cindy

    Miss this cereal. It is the only one that sticks with you through the morning. Have tried other cereals and they go soggy as soon as you add milk. Horrible. Bring back your Organic High Fiber O’s.

  23. Susan Leicher

    I am heartbroken tha you discontinued this wonderful cereal. It is the only cereal I eat–and the leading reason that I go to Trader Joe’s. Please reconsider. The product gets five stars. Trader Joe’s gets none for this decision.

  24. Susan Anmuth

    Please bring back MY MORNING CEREAL. I have the cereal before I play PICKLEBALL and the hunger stays away until
    lunchtime also I pack the cereal in plastic bags when I leave my Delray Beach/Boca Florida area.

  25. Timmy Toothbreaker

    Long ago the Gods bestowed upon us one cereal to rule them all. This cereal of course was High Fiber Os the greatest cereal known to humankind. Unfortunately a bunch of soft limp noodle people claimed “it’s too hard!” “It broke my teeth!” I am sorry but this cereal is for real people only. Trader Joe’s you need to immediately bring this back or there will be war. Count on it!

  26. Beth A Gylys

    Discontinued? Seriously?? Every time I went to Trader Joe’s I bought several boxes if I could–often they were out. Who makes these decisions??

  27. CV

    PLEASE bring this product back, TJs.

  28. Mimi

    Yes please please please bring it back it’s my favorite I am so sad.

  29. Jill B

    Please bring back this cereal! My doctor actually recommended it to me about 15 years ago and it has been my “go to” cereal ever since. It is the perfect breakfast before a workout. I was SO sad to hear it was discontinued.

  30. Judi

    My husband and I both enjoy this cereal to munch on dry when we want something sweet and crunchy but healthy. Please bring it back!!!

  31. Tamara Mittelstadt

    I absolutely loved TJ’s High Fiber O’s. I thought they were perfectly crispy / crunchy, not too sweet. Was very disappointed when I learned they were inexplicably discontinued. Nothing like them.

  32. Nia Cee

    Please bring back TJ’s High Fiber O’s. I agree with all of the positive comments. Why was it discontinued?

  33. DBP

    I mix it with other low sugar, low salt, high fiber cereals to make a healthy mixture.
    The Joe’s O’s is not nearly as healthy.

  34. Lenny

    Adding my plea to this list: I need this cereal. It was one of the best cereals/boxed products of all time. C’mon Joe, I need my O’s!

  35. Cyndi

    We love this cereal! We’ve searched high and low and just discovered YOU DISCONTINUED this great cereal. WHY? We’d pay more for it if PRICE was the reason for cancelling. I’ve already been through several cereal cancellations over the years but this one is the worst decision. Bring it back! C’mon, get your marketing group to bring it back and make a big deal of it. You’ll sell lots and lots of it!

  36. Beth

    Oh no. It really has been discontinued? So disappointed. No other cereal compares. Not too hard — just right. Please bring it back!

  37. Janet

    I agree with many others above…I am SO disappointed this cereal has been discontinued. Regular O’s just don’t cut it for a healthy, high fiber cereal. I really miss it. PLEASE TJ’s, bring it back!

  38. Linda Simpson

    Only cereal my husband likes. Been looking for months now! Would buy 6 boxes at a time and go back for more! Please bring this cereal back! Begging here!

  39. Fiberless and Heartbroken

    I will never eat cereal again as long as this cereal is discontinued. Might not ever experience happiness again, either.

  40. Anonymous

    I agree with the others on here. Please bring this cereal back! I would buy 4 or 5 at a time and eat them for breakfast and for snacks.

  41. AGK

    Bring it baaaaaaaack!!! Please! Or tell us if the manufacturer makes it for a different company!

  42. Susie

    TJs High Fiber oats were the best, the other o’s are mushy. I don’t understand why it was discontinued. The product would always sell out once it appeared on the shelves, so I too, would buy several at a time when it was in stock. Please bring it back, I cannot find a comparable substitute.

  43. Rebecca

    I too love this cereal. I like having one -third High Fiber O’s to two-thirds regular Joe’s Os so I didn’t have to put up with soggy cereal. Can’t believe it was discontinued.

  44. Craig

    Please PLEASE PLEEEEEESE tell us who made this cereal. There is NOTHING like it anywhere else. I am going to call headquarters today.

  45. Jenn

    Agree with the other reviews. Please bring this back! This is the only item my family members requested from me to buy for them (no Tjs in their area).

  46. Mike

    Agree. Great taste in a healthy option! So sad to see it’s not back on the shelves. This one product brought me to TJ’s on a weekly basis. Now, I’m far less inclined to visit the store.

  47. Grief-Stricken Organic High Fiber-O Enjoyer

    Just found out these were discontinued… my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Like a lost loved one, I can only hope I never forget how good this cereal was. Rest In organic Peace.

  48. Missing that morning crunch

    I miss the beloved crunch and high energy start to my morning. I am among the loyal and grief stricken consumers of the best cereal that was available. I can’t find a replacement.

  49. Terry Gibson

    I and many of my friends am devastated that this product is discontinued! PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  50. Dan Mooney

    The best cereal ever. When it wasn’t being stocked a few years back I was devastated this time, I was prepared for it, and can manage, but I’m not happy.

  51. Donna

    Oh,no! Pls bring back your Fiber O’s. I love it and am very disappointed it’s discontinued. I found that if you keep bag&box open, the cereal “softens” just to the right amount for snacking. Pls bring it back.

  52. Edward

    I have been eating this cereal for more than a decade. I recommend it be purchased for a local assisted living facility; the registered dietitian was extremely pleased with the results and positive feedback from the residents. Management should strongly reconsider their decision to discontinue this product!

  53. Megan Franciskovich

    I miss this stuff 🙁 best cereal ever. I would pay $10 a box for this gold!!!

  54. Diane Gelb

    Miss this cereal. The best tasting fiber cereal on the market. Great as a crunch in yogurt or snacks.

  55. Diane

    Miss this cereal. The best tasting fiber cereal on the market. Great as a crunch in yogurt or snacks.

  56. Joe

    Bring back this cereal.

    Trader Joe always discontinue the good stuff

  57. david s

    I loved this cereal. It always sold out fast so the crap that Trader Joe’s only discontinues low sellers is an outright lie. They must have lost the contract with the manufacturer. There are no other high fiber cereals at tjs with low sugar so I don’t buy any cereal there. I find I go to TJ’s less than when this was available.

  58. June

    Absolutely loved this cereal and I’m very disappointed to find out it’s been discontinued. I only made the long trip to the closest store for this cereal and one other item which TJs carries but is not unique to them. Guess there is no reason to trek all the way there any more. So sad.

  59. Rick

    Organic high fiber 0’s
    Many people like these. Perfect food for seniors. Can’t find a cereal that has all the same benefits. Who makes this for TJ?

  60. Violet

    This was so good. I’m surprised it’s discontinued. It’s not a glamorous product but it’s delicious in a plain cereal way. Bring this back!

  61. Russ

    This was my wife and my favorite fiber cereal. Please bring it back!

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