Trader Joe’s Organic Ground Beef Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Ground Beef Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Bones in the meat 🙁 gross

  2. Lisa Halston

    Gristle, gristle, gristle and a weird bad flavor. Absolutely horrible. Trader Joe’s Butcher Shop 80/20 lean ground beef. What do these cow’s eat, shit?

  3. John

    Absolutely disgusting. It’s doesn’t even chew like normal ground beef. When making the Pattie’s it doesn’t feel like ground beef. It falls apart, it cooks different… when chewing it feels griddy non solid.. it’s bad

  4. Jade luz

    I would give it a zero if I could. I have buying this product for years but I don’t know what this is now?! Definitely NOT organic beef. doesn’t look, smell, taste or cook like beef at all. Disgusting!!!

  5. carmen strating

    J bought ground beef in the past and it was good. I think it was from Australia or N.Z. not sure. 2 weeks ago or so I looked in the back of the package and I think it says it was from Uruguay, pretty sure. (I wish I had made a note of where it was from) anyway, it was tough and it would not crumble like ground beef is supposed to do when cutting it with a spatula or wooden spoon while cooking it I just had big chunk. It was very tough. I will continue to buy it at my Oakridge farmers market from a local farmer.

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