Trader Joe’s Organic Granny’s Apple Granola Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Granny’s Apple Granola Reviews

  1. Polly

    This is my all-time favorite granola, and I’m sad to hear it’s not being sold any more in our area! It’s not as sweet as TJ’s other granola flavors (Chocolate, Mango, etc.), yet doesn’t have the oily taste some granola brands have. It’s granola for adults and is a filling snack or breakfast, great in yogurt. Please don’t do away with Granny, Trader Joe’s!

  2. Meguchin

    I was told today that they discontinued. This was my all-time favorite granola. Need to find a replacement but not sure if I’ll be ever happy again. I hope they’d bring it back!!!

  3. Wendy Ledner

    This is my husband’s absolute favorite cereal.
    He is a cereal connoisseur. And he takes his cereal quite seriously. And thus, he is devasted that TJ’s has discontinued carrying this flavor.

    Please, please (for my sake and my husband’s) bring back the Granny’s Apple Granola.

  4. Shawn

    This cereal was the main reason I sho at TJ

  5. sam

    please bring it back!!!!!!

  6. sam

    please don’t discontinue it!!!!

  7. Liz

    I agree. Granny apple was the best cereal. I don’t get why the discontinued it. I wonder if we can still get from whoever manufactured it for tj

  8. Mary

    Staff in the Grand Rapids Michigan TJ’s store told me not enough people purchased the Granny Apple Granolacereal. They only needed to restock every couple of weeks, and I was probably the only buyer. Aldis also no longer carries the cereal. Only cereal I ate for last 9 years. Loved it. I would buy 6 or 8 boxes at a time.

  9. Steve Knoblock

    This is my favorite granola cereal. It’s the best I’ve ever had. It always seemed to sell well in Raleigh NC area, it was often hard to get. I would buy four boxes ahead of time. It helped with my chronic illness. I’ve tried many other brands of granola cereal but none are as good.

  10. Reba Yo

    It’s my husband’s favorite cereal, and now he feels no need to go to TJ’s since he can’t get his Granny Apple Granola. No one else’s comes close. Our closest TJ’s is well over an hour away, but there were times we’d plan a trip just so he could get his granola. That’s a thing of the past…

  11. Mia

    I cried when I found out this was discontinued, since I’d relied on it for 20 years. My sister bought out her local store, and I broke my suitcase flying home. I’ve never found a replacement. Seeing the picture of the box stabs me in the heart. Maybe someday it will be back.

  12. Lisa

    Why!? Why why why would you get rid of the ONE good granola!? I literally came to TJ’s for this, and ended up buying so much other stuff. I’ve talked to 2 others that did the same, so I imagine you’re losing more business than necessary. The thing is, you can’t find anything like this anywhere else, so you really had a corner on the market. Please please please bring it back. It was nostalgic for my kids, too, as their grandma used to buy it, and it brings so much comfort. Pleeeeeease. Resurrect it!
    Until then, R.I.P.

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