Trader Joe’s Organic Carrot Turmeric Juice Blend Reviews

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With lemon juice and added spice.

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Carrot Turmeric Juice Blend Reviews

  1. C.J.

    What a brilliant combination–carrot juice, turmeric, and a jalapeno kick. I love this stuff.

  2. LC

    Fantastic! It’s the perfect blend!!

  3. Dmmsjs

    Great flavor! I normally don’t like carrot juice, but the lemon, turmeric, and a touch of spice, gives a unique and delicious taste.

  4. Grace Vachon

    I love this juice! I went to buy it at my Trader Joe’s and found out it is discontinued! I was so disappointed! Is there any chance they will bring it back? Thanks for any information!

  5. JT

    Tastes disgusting. I love fresh carrot juice and thought this would taste similar. It is gross tasting like a sourish, V8

  6. Neal

    I returned one for replacement thinking that I just got a bad bottle. And the next one tastes exactly the same, horrible beyond belief. Interesting how many people did the same thing I did. 4 stars for succesful attempt to imitate drain cleaner liquid.

  7. Rohini Uzcategui

    My favorite juice very tasty and very healthy

  8. Kuguru

    Delicious juice blend! I buy this whenever I can. My mother loves it as we have been including tumeric into our daily lives!

  9. Ingrid Doerksen

    Absolutely delicious. I’m tempted to add some vodka for a different on a bloody mary. 😉

  10. Sara

    I always enjoy carrot juice and wanted to try this as a different combination. It is fantastic! Loaded with flavor and tastes great cold. Very refreshing.

  11. KC

    This used to be my favorite juice from TJ

    It’s a completely different chemistry now . Looks weird and the taste of off . Way to ruin a good product . DO NIT RECOMMEND

  12. Gabrielle

    Absolutely love this drink! I drink a cup every morning to start my gut off right.

  13. Just B

    Just tried this for the first time! Amazing. I love it and the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because nothing is perfect. But this one is excellent. I thought this might make an amazing mixer with Vodka or Gin or something else. It would be fun to experiment with this. almost like a Bloody Mary but with a carrot twist. A healthy Alcholohic Beverage! try it

  14. Arati Pradhan

    First time I did not like Carrot juice. Never had any complaints on any other trader joe items.

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