Trader Joe’s Organic Canola Oil Spray Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Canola Oil Spray Reviews

  1. David Ekins

    Old spray pictured below with the flowers was wonderful. Their new spray is simply awful. They have apparently removed the agent that created an even non-stick coating, requiring much more oil – you might as well dump a bunch of canola oil in the pan, it too will splatter when cooking. Their spray nozzle produces flat wide spray blast that covers more than what you were aiming at.

  2. Ric Sherman

    Same experience as Mr. Elkins. Will revert back to their coconut spray.

  3. Carrie G

    First off, WHY? This spray can is the worst design. It sprays out to much oil and make sure you spray it over your sink because it goes everywhere. And it’s a smaller can. Please bring back the old can design, it’s much easier to control. Terrible move TJ’S

  4. Darlene Jameson

    Spray button difficult to control. Deposits either too much or too little spray. Tends to puddle and saturate food that is being cooked. Does not prevent food from sticking to pan. I used the previous product in a spray can and it work very well!

  5. Thom T.

    This stuff is like spraying epoxy onto a pan. It is THE worst pan spray I’ve ever used. And to echo Carrie G.-WHY? The old stuff worked great. Why fix something that’s not broken. Time to change back, TJs…

  6. Mike

    Worst spray ever. Old stuff was great.

  7. Heather Feather

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and noticed it is not in the store where I shop. I miss it greatly and have found everything [positive about this product. I use it regularly and so need more now. WHERE IS IT?

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