Trader Joe’s Organic Bran Flakes Cereal Reviews

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Excellent source of fiber.

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Bran Flakes Cereal Reviews

  1. Pat

    If I could have given less than one star, I would have. These flakes are like eating the box. No taste at all. They also don’t hold up to the milk as well as the original TJ Bran Flakes (discontinued) or the TJ Oatmeal Flakes (also discontinued) both of which were much tastier. Both those discontinued cereals were amazingly crunchy, even at the bottom of the bowl. Why they are no longer available is beyond me.

  2. Sue

    I love this cereal, too bad they’re always out of it. This cereal is designed for people with diabetes like me, as it has less sugar.
    I wish Trader Joe would always keep this on hand.

  3. Chris

    Please, bring this back!! I just found out it was discontinued. They were the best bran flakes I tried. You discontinued them once in 2020 and brought them back, and now discontinued them again! PLEASE bring them back!

  4. Paul

    TJ organic bran flake was one of the best cereal that is now unavailable. It was a healthy cereal with a satisfying taste and excellent texture. Wish this product would return to the market place were it belongs.

  5. Bjarte

    I really loved this cereal, hope TJ brings it back!

  6. Amanda

    I miss this cereal. My kids miss this cereal! TJ’s raisin bran doesn’t even compare. The reason bran flakes are too thin and too sweet. I hope this is just a temporary deletion while they work out what they need to, because judging by how hard it was to find when it was active, it’s a popular cereal.

  7. Tania H

    Can you please start to make this cereal again?! Thank you!

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