Trader Joe’s New Zealand Grass Fed Sharp Cheddar Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s New Zealand Grass Fed Sharp Cheddar Reviews

  1. Susan

    I just discovered this cheese, and I think the flavor is absolutely fantastic. It’s not too hard and not to soft. Has a perfect amount of tang without being sharp, aged, or crystalized. It slices easily, melts easily, shreds easily and has so much flavor, I marvel at each bite. I find the flavor to be a cross between gouda and havarti, but better than the sum of its parts. It doesn’t taste like any cheddar I’ve ever tried. Simply amazing.

  2. Martin

    The cheese is packed in a moldy environment. Each time I buy this cheese at TJ, it gets moldy in a 3-4 days after bring it home. Although still kept in packaging, never opened it gets mold all over. I keep forgetting about it. And so every once in a while I make the mistaken of buying this cheese at TJ. AVOID!!!

  3. Jim

    It’s pretty good. Didn’t get moldy for me, it was fine. I ate 0.67 lbs in five days.

  4. VHB

    Excellent tasting cheese. We love high quality cheese and this cheddar cheese is right up there in taste. Very good product.

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