Trader Joe’s New York Deli Style Baked Cheesecake Reviews

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24 reviews for Trader Joe’s New York Deli Style Baked Cheesecake Reviews

  1. Kayla

    I had high hopes for this cheesecake but I found it to be bland and felt it had a rubbery texture.

  2. Sami Motaghedi

    I tried a sample of this when I was in Trader Joe’s and it’s delicious!! If I ever have a dinner party, this will be perfect and it’s a good price! I’m scared to buy one otherwise ,because I’ll just eat it all in two days.

  3. Diane DeNuccio

    Disappointing. The only flavor is a coying sweetness. I don’t get any sense of vanilla, or lemon, or almond, nothing except an overload of sugar. Excessive sugar affected its texture negatively. The crumb crust also has too much sugar, and no butter flavor. Please stop relying on heavy sugar as an excuse and substitute for any real flavors.

  4. Y-Vonne

    I too was disappointed in Trader Joe’s New York cheesecake. I was excited to try it and brought it over to a friend’s to celebrate our birthday’s together. We both thought is was bland and the Graham cracker crust was not very good either.



  6. Some guy

    Rubbery and gross. It’s like they added cheesecake flavoring to paste.

  7. Cory Justice

    I love this cheese cake!!!!!!! I always get it for my birthday! You can’t make one for this price!

  8. Dustin Hill

    Positives – good tasting crust and not too much sugar for me. Negative – very bland cheesecake. Entire family of 4 disappointed.

  9. Terri denman

    New York plain cheese cake from Trader Joe’s is 100% excellent!

  10. Jewel

    Delicious! Better than expected. Good texture and crust. Excellent price. This cake is not big, but can feed at least 2-3 people. Very good Cheesecake.
    Very good Cheesecake

  11. Sue T.

    Trader Joe’s should be ashamed of themselves for selling this horrible product. No flavor! When you take a bite, you could be eating anything, including glue. If someone think this is what cheesecake is, I feel terrible that they bought this awful cake, because this is NOT cheesecake. I’m not sure what it is but it’s not cheesecake. It’s actually worse than the cheap store bought mixes that my mom used to buy back in the day for $3.99 to make a cheesecake. In fact, I’d rather have one of those if I had to choose, and it would be much cheaper. Also, the box it comes in is very misleading. It looks like it will be a tall cheesecake, something quality. But when you take it out of the box, it’s this little flat thing. I should have believed the other reviewers here who told the truth about this terrible item. I honestly thought it would be a semi okay, but NO! Thank God I didn’t buy it for a special gathering because I would have wanted to hide somewhere from embarassment. Please please please DO NOT BUY! And if you DO buy it and hate it as much as I do, take the thing back and demand your money back. Maybe then TJ’s will get the message and find a better vendor for their cheesecake!

  12. Bob

    This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! Tastes like sweetened rubber tire tubes. I agree with another reviewer trader Joe’s should be ashamed to sell a product so disgusting.

  13. Joe Schmoe

    I am a New Yorker, and I’ve had the real deal from Manhattan’s finest. Cheesecake is very personal to each baker. I like the classic, plain, New York style (heavy creamier). I don’t like it when cheesecake is dressed up to hide an inferior base, nor when it tastes like vanilla ice cream.

    Call me crazy, but I like this product. For me it hits the spot. It’s an entire small cheesecake for a few bucks. And it doesn’t have the variability you get from going to a pastry shop. Well, okay, I love pastry shops real cheesecake, too, but everyone makes their cheesecake differently. And this one has the correct balance of vanilla, sweet, thicker NY texture, etc. Like I don’t have to worry that the baker is gonna make it unbalanced.

  14. Cara Ricci

    It’s not good. The Graham cracker crust tasted like cardboard. The cheesecake is missing that tang and it isn’t dry like NYC cheesecake. I should have known when it was only about $8.

  15. David J

    This truly was THE nastiest cheese cake I have ever bought in my entire life. It had a weird texture and I wondered if they even used any real cream cheese in it. I think it was an artificial disk of who knows what they put in it, and probably causes cancer too. I will absolutely never ever buy another one of these awful cheese cakes. After one bite, the rest of it went in the trash can because I wouldn’t have even given it to my worst enemy. Trader Joe’s should be ashamed of taking people money for this garbage.

  16. Sasha

    I really love this cheesecake! Yum! The only thing I’m sad about is that Trader Joes used to have a cheesecake with 4 flavors(2 slices of each flavor making 8 total slices) It was called Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake but its discontinued and gone and I miss my #1 favorite dessert :((( This new york stine cheesecake is rly good but nothing can beat the Chocolate Dilemma Cheesecake

  17. Sandy

    A really terrible product; the crust tastes like sawdust and the cheesecake has a gummy and unpleasant texture. Into the trash; very surprising this is a TJ product.

  18. Aliciana Swinney

    Really bad. Can I get a refund on this? I buy cheesecake because when I make it it taste like this… YUCK! weird texture, no flavor.

  19. Jayne

    No flavor and the texture is mushy. Surprised that TJ sells this one. Will not buy it again

  20. Terry

    the worst cheesecake I’ve ever attempted to eat. two bites and I was repackaging to take back and get my $$$. TJ, you should take this clunker off the shelf and chuck in the bin, I would have but I want my dollars back.

  21. Jeremy

    Was good before they changed the recipe and now load it with sour cream. Went from creamy to bland and chalky.

  22. Tina Anne Wong

    Gummy and artificial.. waste of time and money. Bought it, ate one piece and threw it away.

  23. Zoe

    I noticed another New Yorker here give it 5 stars. I’m a New Yorker and I’ve tried the best. This offering from Trader Joe’s is pretty good. It’s not terribly sweet and not overwhelmed by some artificial flavor. And for the price, it’s fantastic. I spread some fruit preserve on top give it that spark.

  24. James

    rubbery and hardly taste like cheesecake…

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