Trader Joe’s Myntz Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Myntz Reviews

  1. David Sukonick

    Absolutely horrible. It is sweetened with Sorbitol. This is what they use in most diabetic products. I got the worst intestinal cramps from this product. Many people have this reaction to this bad sweetener.

  2. Deb Shel

    I bought these yesterday. I have been suffering with sinus issues this week along with sinus headaches. I put two of these in the roof of my mouth and they helped clear nasal passages. I would buy them again for this reason. Very minty and refreshing!

  3. Tom Tomjonovich

    I’m a fan. One of if not the best breath mints I’ve ever had. Powerful and long-lasting. I usually pick up at least two tins when shopping at TJ’s.

  4. Joe himself

    Love them. But they are out of stock!

  5. Kassie

    These are THE best sugar-free breath fresheners ever. I wonder why Trader Joe’s is out of stock….are they discontinuted, and WHY!??? PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!

  6. Robert Michael Angus

    I always bought at least six tins, but they have been out of stock for about a year.
    Please bring them back.

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