Trader Joe’s Mushroom Ravioli Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mushroom Ravioli Reviews

  1. Gelato Jill

    I love anything mushroom, but I found that the sauce on these was very thin. The raviolis were super salty and not at all tasty.

  2. Amadeus

    This reminded me of everything that made me hate mushrooms as a child. Tasted like dirt and salt.
    The pasta dough was nice, but awful flavor. I was starving, so I still ate the whole bag.

  3. Kait

    Crazy good! I only microwave these days. Therefore, I put these, with a couple tablespoons of water, in a covered dish with a small gap to let air in. Cooked about 1/4 of the package on high for three minutes. Then I removed them from the micro, cut them up a bit and removed the sauce. Cooked for 45 sec. more. Removed, topped them with a bit of sauce, and enjoyed. Soooo good!

  4. KP

    These were so disappointing. The ravioli themselves have zero taste. The sauce is fairy bland. We had to add so much salt to find any sort of a flavor. My advice: skip them.

  5. Serenity Guedel

    These were terrible. I had such high hopes and then…ugh. Never again.

  6. MIKE

    These were better than most over priced restaurants! Not sure why there’s negative reviews as these were packed with good mushroom flavor and ravioli taste! Will buy several bags next time I go to TJs.

  7. Nonna

    I love these and my husband loves these. Two thumbs up!

  8. Sheila

    Disappointed to the bones! I had a review because they are using ANIMAL RENNET to make dishes VEGETARIAN APPARENTLY, but no!!!! To make this dish they need stomach enzymes only possible from a slaughtered animal!!!! Give me a break! If you do not mind eating animals, it’s your choice. My choice is not to be deceived. I do not want to eat anything made of the need of the death of an animal.. it could be done without it. I love Trader’s Joe many many things but this and tha Asparagus Risotto felt in the same category.

  9. Tanya Fontaine

    First Time trying this mushroom ravioli. I did stove top and instead of adding water I added a couple tablespoons of chicken broth. I too thought the sauce was a little thin for me so I added a little heavy cream and a pat of butter and got that all mixed in while the ravioli was finishing cooking. I also sprinkled with a little garlic powder and topped with TJs parm cheese. Even though I did this little bit of doctoring up I still thought it was fantastic and delicious.

  10. Ann

    A tasty meal for the money and easy to heat up

  11. Anonymous


  12. Kimmy

    I love Italian food and mushrooms and this just isn’t good , has a weird taste , I’m throwing away half of it as we speak. Please do a better ravioli flavor , maybe butternut squash or spinach.

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