Trader Joe’s Glucosamine & Chondroitin for Dogs Reviews

(24 customer reviews)

Daily support for cartilage development and joint health, contains 100 chewable tablets.


24 reviews for Trader Joe’s Glucosamine & Chondroitin for Dogs Reviews

  1. NancyO

    So far, so good. Great price.

  2. DORIS Jones

    Would like to try.

  3. chris

    Love! My senior dog had arthritis in his hind leg & I was told about these. I tried them in October. No more limping or babying his leg!
    AND the real bonus is he thinks they are a TREAT! So he begs for one after his walk. $10 and nearly a 2 month supply is very affordable!
    Highly recommend!

  4. 3 Dog Mom

    I decided to try this because my 7yr old lab mix was showing signs of pain in her legs when she would get up or after a hard run in the yard. She not only loves them and is excited to get them but they have made her a different dog. She runs, jumps and is back to chasing her tail and playing with her dog brother and sister. It worked so well that I started giving it to my older lab mix who is around 11 and tends to be just a dog who likes to sleep a lot. After a few weeks he is like his puppy self, more energy wants to play again and be outside a lot more. I can’t say enough good about this stuff. It’s yummy for the dogs and they love getting their “treats”. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is questioning their dogs joint health. It has made a world of difference in my older dogs.

  5. Andrew

    And while she did much love the flavor it would always chew it right away she would eat it and seemed to benefit in a good price too bad they seem to stop carrying it and all our stores locally

  6. Dmitry

    Why were these discontinued?

  7. Linda

    I’m so disappointed and upset Trader Joes does not have Glucosamine & Chondroitin pills for dogs anymore! If I hadn:t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed how well it worked for my 15 yr. old Corgi with arthritis. It was only $10 – $11 dollars! Online sellers want $29.99 for Trader Joe’s pills per bottle (same packing and has TJ’s name on it). Highway robbery! Why was this discontinued?? I’m sure it has to do with making s buck.

  8. Laura

    This product is great and affordable. Please bring it back to my Bedford NH store.

  9. Natalie

    After watching my 12 year old staffy cry out in pain despite gabapentin and carprofen, I heard about Trader Joe’s affordable glucosamine chews for dogs. He had to take 2 chews twice a day but he was doing so much better. I went to get more last weekend and was informed they were discontinued since he only had 1 days worth left, I had to switch last minute to cosequin which is a little pricey. He’s now uncomfortable and crying out in pain again. The product was 5 stars worthy but Im giving it 1 star for being discontinued, especially on such short notice. I really hope y’all reconsider and bring it back.

  10. Martie C Lubetkin

    My 100 lb rescue has been taking these since I got him 13 years ago, and he has done very well. Now that they’ve been discontinued, and he hasn’t had them in a couple of weeks, he is showing signs of discomfort and instability. I can’t understand why they were discontinued, and I hope that they will be back soon!

  11. Liz Breier

    This was a great product that helped save my Yorkies. They don’t like other brands – Please consider bringing this back onto your store shelves.

  12. Holly

    PLEASE BRING BACK FOR DOGS!!! Shame on Trader Joes.

  13. Francine

    Please bring it back. My 13 1/2 year old Cavachon has been on it for 10 years. Cosequin never worked. Trader Joe’s Glucosamine and Chondroitin was the best and my local store says it’s been discontinued.

  14. jw

    Please bring these back! They take very little shelf space, have super long shelf life, and serve some of your most loyal customers. All this new candy and junk food, more health for our families please TJs!

  15. Marilu Vazquez

    Please, please bring it back, for my beautiful dogs

  16. JD

    Please bring it back. My Golden needs this.

    They stopped the spicy black bean dip and I said nothing.

  17. Donna Corchia

    My 10 yr old Cocker Spaniel has been on TJ’s Glucosamine and Chondroitin for a few years. He was in a lot of knee pain. Your formula has helped him where he now plays and runs again. Please bring this back now! I am so upset about this that if my dog starts having pain again I will be so angry I will never shop in your store again.

  18. Celeste Carpenter

    Can you bring this back?

  19. Ashley

    PLEASE BRING THIS BACK! My dog loved this product and I have not found anything that is ever remotely similar.

  20. Erika Lodispoto

    Please bring these back. They saved my girl from so much pain and discomfort.

  21. GP

    So disappointed these were discontinued! Has anyone found a decent replacement?

  22. Kim Combs

    This is the only product that has hel0ed my dog. It made a grwat difference in her. Please bring it back.

  23. Matt

    Upset that Trader Joe’s discontinued selling these. My dog loved these and they helped her with her pain and discomfort.


    These pills worked great for my terrier and I’m so sad they are no longer availabe! She’s been taking them since she was a puppy because of slipping patella. Please bring them back!! None of the other options work as well.

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