Trader Joe’s Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins Reviews

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17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins Reviews

  1. Lena

    These were a bit different from what I was expecting — I thought it was going to be more like a piece of chocolate (like what you might get at See’s Candy), but it was really soft and cake-like inside, kind of like little chocolate cake pieces with mousse. Not bad, and it tasted pretty good – but I was expecting something more solid.

  2. Wes

    These are pretty good – as Lena mentioned, different from what I expected (though that’s my fault for not reading the description properly). I thought they were going to be more solid too, but they’re almost brownie-like inside, or like chocolate cake. I really like the mousse at the top (under the pumpkin layer). The inside under that reminds me of Snackwell Devil’s Food cookies.

  3. Jessica

    These are exactly what the name promises!
    Pumpkin shaped chocolate cakes topped with chocolate mousse with the outer icing (this is thin & not like the typically thick icing on cakes). They are delicious! The cake is moist, the mousse is decadent and fluffy — not too sweet, not heavy, and just the right size for a satisfying treat!

  4. John

    We had some prior to Thanksgiving and they all tasted like soap. Clearly something went wrong in the baking. I think they were purchased in Palo Alto.

  5. Natalie

    These may be my favorite of all the mini mousse cakes, though I do wish they had a longer season. no matter what shape, he recipe is delicious and portions are perfect, but the orange pumpkin looks so festive when served. (Thank you for not making them into jack o’ lanterns.)

    Note to TJ: Pumpkins sell in November, too. I looked forward to introducing them to my family at Thanksgiving last year and was shocked when, even a week before October 31st, they had been discontinued. I understand needing time to switch gears in preparation for shipping the Christmas version, but really… ?

    Now, when I see a new variety in the store, I am inclined to purchase a dozen packages and keep them in my freezer. Not ideal, but beats running our when I’d like to gift a pack or take them to a party.

  6. Natalie

    These are absolutely delicious and the perfect bit size. I can eat them in dozens (but I won’t). I also wish they had a longer season, I couldn’t find them just now in November!

  7. Leo


    Read the label and you’ll know what to expect. They are exactly as described and delish. Those who say they expected them to be hard and candy like did not read the label.

  8. Anonymous


  9. Bomb

    The best food item that Trader Joe’s makes and it’s not even close.

    They’re cake. Don’t downvote because you didn’t read the label lol. Chocolately and fluffy and the perfect size (okay, eat a second one)

  10. Kathleen Evans

    Absolutely one of the most delicious sweets I have ever eaten. Must have more of these! Please have these available in September – November! Also, if you could make these in a Christmas ball ornament shape or Christmas trees for December and Hearts for Valentines they would be sold out!

  11. LD

    Highly recomend. No pumpkin flavor but really delish, as long as you read the label you wont be surprised. Hard to eat just one, remind me of something terrible I wanted to eat as a kid that was really bad for you, mabe a zebra cake?

  12. Tray

    worst stomach ache of my life …wayyyyy too much sugar, this is like a hostess hoho

  13. Sophie

    These go so crazy–actually the best snack I have ever purchased in my life. The amount of restraint it takes not to eat all six at once is bats. I wish they would sell them year round; I’m going to think about them forever.

  14. Liz

    Soooo good! These are amazing little devils food cakes with rich chocolate mousse and thin icing. I would gift these to anyone I know. Family loves them. Wish they were a year around item.

  15. Olivia

    Fantastic! Favorite Trader Joe’s purchase in recent memory. Highly recommend.

  16. Seattle

    These are just insane. SO GOOD!!!

  17. Suzanne Polen

    OMG They are amazing!!!

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