Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tacos Reviews

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29 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mini Chicken Tacos Reviews

  1. Ashlee

    These tacos are super addicting. They are the perfect finger food. I enjoy dipping them in guacamole or sour cream.

  2. FRJ

    These are so delicious! Throw them in the toaster oven for less than 10 minutes, and they get the perfect crispy edges, with a satisfying filling. I like sprinkling some cheese over them and dipping them in sour cream, but I’ve also even known people who eat them with ketchup (not my preference, but hey lol). Would love to see a good vegetarian version of these too. I can get through a box of these tacos pretty quickly!

  3. b grillo

    9/9/22 the new version of these tacos is a big disappointment – some of them not even folded and the filling flat, skimpy and undecipherapble. the old ones were great,, We will not buy these again.

  4. Coco Paton

    Gave me horrible stomach issues. To the point where I felt dizzy after having to vomit.

  5. Jeanne

    These are tasteless and unappealing

  6. Anonymous

    These tacos are virtually tasteless, and the “chicken’ inside is strange – – – it is not like chicken. It is gooey and soft, almost like pancake batter. This is not the quality of the vast majority of Trader Joe’s products. Threw the remainder of the package out. Someone else please check what’s inside after heating.

  7. Kim

    Trader Joe’s mini tacos used to be a delicious and convenient snack staple at our house. I bought a box of beef and chicken recently and they were not the same product. They both have a weird slab of processed “meat” in the middle instead of the quality filling they used to have. Really gross; I’m throwing them away! This is unexpected from a brand I usually know and trust.

  8. Mindy

    After reading many great reviews on other sites, I tried the chicken tacos for the first time tonight. They look nothing like the photo on the box and basically were tasteless. I also had stomach issues after eating just two (tried two to see if I liked them — kind of a taste test). I am new to Trader Joe’s so I don’t know how they deal with complaints, but I will definitely not be buying these again, especially after seeing from the reviews above that there seems to have been a major change in the product recently. Buyer beware…

  9. Liz

    These used to be so good. The recipe is totally different & they are awful!!!

  10. Vic

    Without question the biggest mistake I ever made buying these . When they say mini there not kidding you need a microscope to find what they call chicken.. never again will I buy from trader Joe’s

  11. Ray Mann

    Horrid! Shame on Trader Joe’s! Bait & switch. The box photo shows tacos bursting with fillings . In fact it has a small tasteless pillow of indiscernible origins. Such a waste of time, expectations and money. Might just return the whole worthless box and demand a refund. SHAME.

  12. Joann

    I had very high hopes for Trader Joe’s mini tacos— hugely disappointed. If I could give zero stars I would. Can’t even call this a taco, wouldn’t feed it to my cat. Swing and a miss. Joe, please take these off your shelves before your name, associated with quality and convenience is soiled.

  13. Anonymous

    I was so disappointed lol. Looks nothing like the picture. Don’t even know what that was.. I have celiac disease so I’ve been testing out new gluten-free foods and it can be expensive and very wasteful when you get products like this. I do not recommend even testing them out, save your money! They’re awful..

  14. Anonymous

    These were great a couple of years ago. Now they are awful– and the “chicken” looks like processed cat food. If I could give zero stars I would. These are going straight to the trash; complete waste of money.

  15. Anonymous

    Disgusting. It’s a rubbery mystery meat and that’s it. Just threw the bag away.

  16. Me

    The new version are gross. The previous ones were so good! Had somewhat of an authentic Mexican likeness. Can’t believe they changed them for this! Not edible, poorly conceived. I will never buy them again. Or, please bring back the old version!!

  17. Anonymous

    Used to love these. Bought the new version. Hard to believe these could have made it through any quality process. Inedible and so far below what I would have expected from Trader Joe’s. No flavor, either in the puffy shells or whatever substance they filled it with. Will be getting a refund and hoping for better in the future.

  18. Kendra

    Horrible filling. Chicken (maybe?) mush. The old version was so great.

  19. Amanda

    Completely agree with other reviews – I bought the mini chicken tacos, even though the packaging was different, because the old ones were so good. These are terrible. What happened?!

  20. Froggo

    Holy crap, these are bad. Purchased in March 2023. Was not prepared for each taco to be filled with a rectangular slab of what looked like cat food. Literally puréed meat sludge.

    The filling even kept its rectangular shape after baking! I bit into one and while the overall flavor wasn’t terrible… none of us could get past the texture. It felt like dry mashed potatoes in our mouths, and that’s not what you’re looking for when you were expecting actual shreds of chicken.

    Really just gross and inedible. Whatever these used to be… they are no more. We threw them all out as no one could imagine wanting more.

  21. Kathe

    Agree with review that the pureed chicken meat continued to look like a slab of cat pate. Will be tossing rest of box in trash, literally. If you have a craving for good fast food tacos, Jack in the Box remains the king/queen!

  22. Alex Ng

    The TJ mini chicken tacos I bought at Trader Joe’s were just terrible!!! They were tasteless, the filling didn’t taste like chicken meat at all, looked very unappetizing. They were all ended in the trash. Very disappointed!!!

  23. Anonymous

    Do not use. These are very bad I are half the box last night now at 8 pm I have food poisoning and it’s 8 am. I’m very sick and dizzy throwing up all night starting at midnight I do not recommend!!! stay away.

  24. MommaoO

    These need to be removed immediately! Completely inedible. Rectangular processed meat with zero flavoring – the shells were a weird puffy texture that never quite got crispy. Bring back the original ones! I was fooled into thinking the only change was the box. Ugh waste of time and $!

  25. Peter R

    This offering is not only bland, tasteless, and fat laden,its packaging is misleading. The “pulled chicken” looks like pale paste with green flaked of jalapeños in it. It has no flavor kick to it and lacks any taste of chicken. Furthermore, it is 45% fat. The misleading package displays strings of chicken, which one would expect when it is pulled. And don’t let the “serving suggestions“ make you think that there’s any exotic close to avocado, radishes, or cilantro. Those additional items are present in the package to encourage you to add them to try to save this dish. My advice is, don’t waste your money. Instead, purchase, corn tortillas, prepared, pulled chicken, and add your tomatillo sauce and avocados, garlic, salt, and a little bit of oil. Then you’ll have a great dish.

  26. Anonymous

    Terrible. Ate a few before a 12 hour shift, mid shift started feeling terrible nauseated/stomach cramps/headache. This was the day before yesterday, and I still feel terrible.

  27. vicki

    The absolute worst. I don’t know what is inside these “taco” shells but it sure doesn’t look anything like chicken. The taste is horrible. INEDIBLE!! I would give them zero stars if I could.

  28. Tiana

    The worst thing I have ever eaten from TJ’s. Weird slab of “chicken” goo inside. Totally tasteless. I had to throw away the entire box because they are not edible.

  29. Jack

    These things used to be pretty good but apparently the chicken has now been replaced with silly putty.

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