Trader Joe’s Mini Baguettes Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mini Baguettes Reviews

  1. basil wancer

    These are sadly no longer available. Despite being frozen these were probably the only baguettes available in USA that taste like the real deal and no wonder they are (were) made in France, snap frozen and shipped abroad. For anyone who knows what a real baguette tastes like also would know from first bite this is not American imitation. Why did they stop selling them? Trader Joes told us they were not popular. That’s insane and hard to believe because they were unreal !

  2. Betty Hannah

    These organic mini baguettes were extremely popular, least in the Trader Joe’s I frequented. I would buy them out on my visits because everyone in my house loved them. So disappointed they discontinued them.

  3. Betty Johnson Hannah

    I too would buy them out. Trader Joe’s reason for discontinuing these baguettes does not ring true. Trader Joe’s could not keep these organic mini baguettes on the shelf.

    Is there anywhere else in California or online that we can buy them.

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