Trader Joe’s Minced Garlic Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Minced Garlic Reviews

  1. Wes

    This minced garlic is great quality — it adds to any dish that calls for garlic, and the proper conversion to garlic bulbs is printed on the jar. It also lasts quite awhile, which is nice.

  2. Alyn Loyd

    Can anyone tell me where this garlic is from? USA? Mexico? China??? I have searched Trader Joe’s website, as well as Amazon and cannot find where the garlic is grown and processed…only where it is distributed from.

  3. Nancy

    I bought a jar and it tastes sour! Like sour garlic but not picked. Did I get a bad batch or that is how it tastes?

  4. Mark H

    Since I can’t find where this garlic is grown it’s most likely grown in China and bleached in China. I’m throwing this imported out and getting real Gilroy California grown garlic. This stuff is scary.

  5. Tina Hu

    It is sour. Wired

  6. Gregory Felton

    What a ripoff! I love Trader Joe’s but now feel conflicted that they would sell such crap! This is a jar of liquid with enough garlic bits floating around to give the illusion that it is packed with garlic.

    Compare this to the Spice World product which is completely packed with actual garlic with very little liquid.


  7. Tee B

    Yes, all of Trader Joes garlic- fresh, jarred, powdered, frozen- comes China: do not buy!

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