Mikawaya Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream Reviews

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5 reviews for Mikawaya Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream Reviews

  1. Wes

    Delicious! These are always great — unique treat (at least for many grocery stores in America), nice that quite a few come in the package, and always taste amazing.

  2. John

    We love all the flavors and wish they will introduce more. The manufacturer does make many flavors as I discovered from their online website. Definitely addictive and full of flavor.

  3. jojo

    the best ever

  4. Niko

    I love a good, self-contained dessert, and these are no exception! They’re satisfyingly chocolatey without being heavy, and I love the texture of the outer mochi layer. Make sure you have a napkin, though, because these start to melt quickly, and it’s easy for the ice cream to get onto your hands after you’ve taken a bite.

  5. Violet

    I love all the mochi ice-cream flavors from this line and this one is delicious as usual. I recommend letting it sit just a few minutes before eating so the mochi gets a chance to soften up a little.

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