Trader Joe’s Mango Mango Mochi Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mango Mango Mochi Reviews

  1. Liz Lesan

    This product is nowhere as good as the mango flavor mochi ice cream that TJs carried in the past. The mochi does taste like it should but the filling is a mango jam that is too sweet and has the wrong texture. People who haven’t tried the real ones may like these…but I don’t.

  2. Katy Ayala

    Agreed. I rather the Mochi ice cream.. Please bring back the ice cream version asap!

  3. Lars

    Agreed with the other reviews. I’m not certain why the change from the popular Mochi of the past but would suspect it’s corporate driven. This product while “ok” does not match what TJ had in the past. I will not purchase this product in the future.

  4. Beth

    Really disliked these. The inside tastes more tangy than before, and the mochi balls are the consistency of a sherbet to my way of thinking – and the title said “sorbet”. My husband recently dragged these home, so I didn’t know about the change. These are nowhere near as good – and not remotely as creamy – as the previous mango mochi balls. I gave 2 stars bec. they are edible. But, I def. won’t be buying these again. All my favorite bakery tarts (apricot crostata, lemon, and cranberry/walnut) from yrs. ago are apparently now gone, too. No reason for me to return to Trader Joe’s. You’ve discontinued the very products we always bought. You may be saving money by doing this, but you just lost a customer. Judging by the notes above, I see that others agree with me.

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