Trader Joe’s Meatless Ground Reviews

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Vegan plant-based crumbles made with pea protein.

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Meatless Ground Reviews

  1. Kristina Garwacka

    First time user. Had nothing for lunch so I opened the bag and followed instuctions on the package. Tasted it and it was mild with no unpleasant after taste added some coconut aminos and some bbq souce thinking I would make some nachos with it but walked away to asnwer some calls. When I came back the pot was empty my husband had eaten it all while sampling. So i think we need a bigger bag?

  2. Anonymous

    Tasted great but I was gassy a full 24 hours afterward. Obviously not certain this was it, but I’ve experienced similar side effects with meat alternatives.

  3. lucky Duck

    This was AWFUL with a capital A. I made it according to directions, and added soy sauce and ginger to it and served it with rice. No, no no. I can’t say what it tasted like, but it wasn’t good. I hated to throw it out, but later, my roommate actually thought I’d thrown up in the trash can, Do not recommend.

  4. Anonymous

    This reminds me of the chicken that the cup of noodles use to bring. I love it. I made a Piccadillo. I think pairs nicely if you make into Spanish dishes. This more of a chicken flavor vibe, definitely not beef.

  5. Tracy

    This literally tastes exactly like a sponge.

  6. Bart

    Not sure what they were trying to achieve but I don’t think they achieved it. Review saying it tastes like a sponge is spot on.

  7. Sally

    This is great! We use it in soups or add some seasoning and eat it as is. It’s best eaten right away so we don’t make the full bag at once.

  8. Marleen Gillespie

    I cooked it like soya protein pieces – first in water, then after pressing out as much water as possible, sautéing it in a bit of olive oil (or oil of choice) with some chili powder, onion, garlic, choice of powdered chili pepper, and herbs, such as oregano. I found it to be be quite tasty in tacos, with rice, etc. I also found it quite nice to use with sautéed garam masala in Indian lentil dishes.

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