Trader Joe’s Marinated Fresh Mozzarella Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Marinated Fresh Mozzarella Reviews

  1. Fried Stuff with Cheese

    Please sell this forever and don’t change the olive oil marinade’s recipe!!!
    Eat it as a snack or melt it on bread/potatoes/pizza/whatever needs melted cheese. Drizzle the oil marinade over veggies/rice/pasta/ravioli/noodles to really spice things up!

    “Marinating cheese turns even the most basic of cheeses into a flavor-saturated powerhouse. It turns a regular old hunk of cheese into a snack you’ll crave more than TJ’s cookies. In short, it’s how to love your cheese haul even more than you thought possible.” –

  2. Cleese

    Give me the recipe for oil marinade in this cheese!

  3. Anonymous

    We didn’t care for this. It was too salty, and the marinade was far too overpowering. The texture was also odd, it’s between fresh mozzarella and the processed stuff that comes in a block.

    This is probably good if you like eating fistfulls of italian seasoning and hate mozzarella cheese.

  4. Mozz

    I use it to make delicious mozzarella pizza. The herb infused olive oil gives it pizzazz.

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