Trader Joe’s Margarita Mixer Reviews

(14 customer reviews)


14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Margarita Mixer Reviews

  1. Rachel

    This mix is great! Exactly as described — makes tasty margaritas, perfect amount of sweetness without needing to add extra sugar.

  2. Tam

    Best mix on the market without a ton of sugar and artificial ingredients. PLEASE bring it back!!!

  3. CA

    The BEST!!! Please bring it back!!!

  4. Oli


  5. Stephen

    This was the best margarita mix I’ve ever had and I’ve had many. Trader Joe’s please bring this back.

  6. Carina

    Is there a petition to bring this back??! My summer will not be the same without it!

  7. Rick

    Please listen to your customers and bring back margarita mix!!

  8. Katie Martin

    Why???? Every time I fall in love with a Trader Joe’s product it gets discontinued. I’m heartbroken over not being able to get this margarita mix. Please Trader Joe’s, unbreak my heart and bring the is back.

  9. James

    Hands down the best margarita mix ever! Trader Joe’s, please bring back the margarita mix that so many of your customers enjoy.

  10. Bob Barker

    Bring it back PLEASEEEEEE

  11. Marg lover

    Bring it back!!! Please!!!!!!

  12. The Espinozas

    Why would Trader Joe’s stop selling this Margarita mix? Who at Traders made this bad decision and why? This was the main reason I could convince my husband to shop at Traders. This mix was the best tasting margarita mix. We’ve tried several others eg Costco and none compare they’re either too sweet or too sour. PLEASE BRING BACK THIS MARGARITA MIX BACK ASAP! Thank you

  13. Sophia E

    BRING BACK THIS MIX!! The only margarita mix i loved !! Idk who’s bright idea it was to discontinue

  14. Stephanie Thomason

    Best ever! Please bring back!!

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