Trader Joe’s Macaroni & Cheese Wisconsin Cheddar Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Macaroni & Cheese Wisconsin Cheddar Reviews

  1. Rachel

    This was really good – different than the typical Kraft type, but a nice change of pace. Very gooey and tasty.

  2. Bad Mac

    This used to be the best mac n cheese on the market. Then they changed the formulation of the cheese packet. Now it is absolutely disgusting. Mac n cheese should not be sweet!!! It’s grainy, too. ncredibly disappointing, this used to be a staple comfort food for me.

  3. Mike

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Trader Joes return to Wisconsin cheddar! I travel all the way down from Canada to buy this and am super disappointed with the new product.

  4. Holly Marciniak

    Please, please, please, change it back to Wisconsin cheddar, original noodles, too. This was a weekly staple at our house, 2-3 boxes per week, easy. No one likes the new formulation. We are all so sad. 🙁

  5. Shawna

    My children are picky eaters. The old Wisconsin Mac n Cheese was great. Nothing could replace it. I just made what I though was the same Trader Joe’s Mac n Cheese only to be horribly disappointed. It’s not just the cheese that’s different- the pasta is nearly gray and thinner. It smells funny and tastes bad. They also added Soybean oil. I feel betrayed. We will not buy this as it is ever again.

  6. Jenny

    Terrible! This was a weekly staple, now I’ve tried two different boxes and was seriously disappointed. I tried to dress it up with more butter, and melting cheese, but it didn’t work. It was sweet, funny tasting, and the noodles were grainy. I will not be buying this again! My kids are so very sad!

  7. Kristie

    I agree with everyone – I actually just got online to see if this new formulation was grossing others out. We used to buy 13 at a time (a baker’s dozen- it was a family funny!) now I don’t even think we will finish what we bought this past weekend.
    Bring back Wisconsin Cheddar!!

  8. Stacy

    Argh! What happened? My daughter knew it had changed the moment the new Mac and cheese came out….and it went from being her favorite food to something she won’t touch! Please change it back!!!

  9. CJ

    My grand daughter called the original Wisconsin Cheddar Mac and cheese “grandmas special Mac & cheese ” she actually cried when I made the new formula for her. Please bring back the original

  10. Austin Clifton

    bring back the old formula. this is genuinely a ruined product. tastes like every other cheap mac and cheese product. whoever made this decision is stupid.


    T.J’S “PLEASE” listen to these customers reviews……
    A favored store item has gone from great to terrible, like many or most will NEVER purchase again it’s AWFUL and disappointing to loyal customers PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD or loose sales.

  12. Brendan G

    Absolutely awful, CHANGE THE RECIPE BACK!

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