Trader Joe’s Linguine with Pesto and Tomatoes Reviews

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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Linguine with Pesto and Tomatoes Reviews

  1. R

    This is decent – it was a perfectly good dinner, but I wouldn’t call it delicious or have a particular craving for it.

  2. Aka

    It had a strange smell when microwaving. Smelled like mushrooms but there were no mushrooms. Very disgusting flavor from the pesto. I had to force it down.

  3. CDJ

    Not bad. It smells delicious when cooking and the taste and texture was good for having been frozen. It needed a little salt and I added a few more tomatoes.

  4. JS

    We thought it smelled and tasted like grass clippings. Yuck.

  5. Melissa

    I didn’t expect much since some of the frozen delights aren’t to my taste, but I enjoyed it and added pesto chicken I baked to it.

    Went back 2x to get more and they are out. Not sure if it’s a summer thing or just no Space

  6. Stephen Willis

    I use this as a base for grilled chicken and maybe a few additional tomatoes, turn out perfectly every time. One of my favorites from TJ frozen section. The pesto is full of flavor.

  7. JuneT

    A great little dinner for 1 person. I added an extra Tbl of Olive Oil when I cooked it and some baked chicken breast for a one dish meal.

  8. G.G.

    A friend suggested this dinner with the addition of shrimp with tails off from TJ’s frozen section. Wow! Yummm!!!

  9. Nita

    Something fast to make that taste great.

  10. Turbo

    This is not good at all. Very bland. Couldn’t even save it by adding more seasonings and toppings.

  11. Julie Rogers

    Very bland if you don’t give it some punch (extra fresh garlic, herbs, salt, lemon juice andfresh parmesan. Not generous with the tomatoes either. Basically a pile of gush. Very disappointing, especially since everything else from Trader Joe’s has been great.

  12. Rose

    Damn pasta has cashews and my son who is allergic ate it! I normally read the ingredients but of course, this time I didn’t. Who puts cashews on pasta?! Ugh

  13. Tiffani

    Disgusting is right! Has anyone who actually likes this ever eaten real pesto before? Cause this is not the flavor or texture of real pesto. I think the comment about it tasting like grass clippings was dead on lol. I am going to guess it had about one cashew in there too. Shame on you TJ’s.

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