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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Light Feta Cheese Reviews

  1. Jacky Nelson

    I was told that this product was discontinued. My husband and I are very disappointed. We’ve been purchasing this cheese for several years and can’t imagine why Trader Joe’s stopped selling it. Please bring it back to your stores!

  2. Mari Kostova

    This feta cheese is amazing.Why the store discontinued?….I bought it every time.

  3. N P

    Please continue to produce this product!!!

  4. Kathleen

    This product is far superior to the FF feta which doesn’t have the taste nor the consistency of feta.

  5. Katherine

    Please bring this product back. It is my family’s favorite feta.

  6. Cindy – July 25, 2019

    Also been buying this Feta Cheese for many years. No other light feta compares to this one. So disappointed. Please bring it back!

  7. Kristyn Smith


  8. Gabe L

    I miss this delicious product! Please bring it back

  9. Ginger

    Bring it back!!!! This encourages people to be healthier and minded to what they consume!!!

  10. Sue Dow

    Please bring it back. It tastes better than any lower fat feta anywhere with a great texture and it is so popular I don’t know why they discontinued it.

  11. ziva yehuda

    very disappointed!!!!! you ruined me and the whole group diet program!! we purchased this cheese at list 15 pc. every week!!
    We hole you will return it to the shelves soon.

  12. Bernice

    Bring this lite Feta Cheese back! It tastes very good and lasts long in the fridge with low risk of spoiling. Great for those who don’t want to buy and store a huge package of feta cheese

  13. Sally

    I was so disappointed to discover you no longer carry this cheese. I tried your full-fat version and absolutely did not like the taste or texture. I hope you will consider bringing it back.

  14. T Osborne

    This was my “go to” light Feta cheese. The best tasting. Still disappointed that Trader Joe’s is not carrying this. Would you PLEASE bring it back! Thanks!

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