Trader Joe’s Light Brie Cheese Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Light Brie Cheese Reviews

  1. Elizabeth Pedersen

    Awful. Tastes sort of like brie, but does NOT melt. Kinda seemed like chewing on a brie flavored eraser.

  2. Marjorie

    Doesn’t melt, bland…..I threw the package away after a slice or two. I couldn’t make it work.

  3. Anonymous

    Bought this by accident thinking it was regular brie. Less a piece of food and more a slightly cheesy piece of rubber. This is not brie in the slightest. Had to toss it because there was not really any salvaging it. If you’re gonna eat cheese just get the real stuff. I can assure you that the 30 calories you save is not at all worth it.

  4. Martha

    I’m in the minority I guess but I like the light brie and hope they never discontinue it. I don’t care about the calories but I need to limit saturated fat. It tastes good on crackers and grilled sandwiches.

  5. Anonymous

    Chewy, doesn’t melt. Not enough of a calorie deficit to eat this instead of the real deal. I will have to throw it away. Bummer.

  6. Lynn

    I won’t buy it again. It is rubbery, does not melt, and has little flavor. Threw most of it out.

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