Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake Reviews

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Traditional sour cream cake with a brown sugar swirl and a cinnamon crumb topping.


22 reviews for Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake Reviews

  1. Drew

    This is ridiculously good – and I buy it way too often. It’s the perfect amount of crumbly and sweetness, rolled into one amazing coffee cake.

  2. Carissa Rashea

    I could eat this cake in one sitting. Worth the calories. Dangerous. Only 3.99. I think they put drugs in it.

  3. Carebear

    Seriously, am I the only one having withdrawal?
    Packaging schmackaging…
    a brown paper bag will do,
    Trader Joe’s don’t be cruel,
    bring back our morning snack!

  4. Kim

    Is there any way to order this cinnamon coffee cake online from manufac.?

  5. Trish

    Please bring back Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake. It is the one item that gets me to visit the store on a regular basis, and once there I purchase other items.

  6. Tom

    Pleeeeeze bring back the cinnamon coffee cake!!

  7. John J Sheehy

    Why is this not available ? Why do you decline to give the reason ? Previous email went unanswered.

    This is an astoundingly good product!

  8. Effie

    This cake is back and absolutely delicious.

  9. Susan

    The cake is back at my store but it is 1) drier, 2) narrower at the bottom, 3) missing the cinnamon swirl, 4) smaller. In a word, “meh.” Any plans to bring back the real deal?

  10. Jlm

    I bought this for some people who were doing construction on my house. Unfortunately, I ate some and have been under its spell ever since. I’m someone who doesn’t eat sugar, but every now and then I go mad and buy one of these and eat it all in 2-3 days. I can’t figure out why this is so good. Buyer beware.

  11. Luke

    Epic – just a response to JIm your time of 2-3 days is pathetic. Give me 30 minutes and that shit is gone. It’s so damn good.

  12. Abigail

    I tasted it at one time and it blew my mind.i let my son taste it and now i regret it.we fought eating it up to the last crumb.

  13. Laurie

    I still bake from scratch but bought my first coffee cake last week and ate it within 2 days. Seriously delicious. Not to sweet but sweet enough!

  14. Joann

    It’s diff than used to be. Looks like it shrunk. Seems denser Liked better before

  15. Joann

    It’s diff than used to be. Looks like it shrunk. Seems denser . Not sure about this review didn’t accept says I already said that. Lol

  16. Anne

    Pretty good. Not a high enough crumble topping to cake ratio and I did not see any kind of cinnamon swirl in the cake itself. Will definitely finish, but will likely not buy again.

  17. Hank

    The cake is now significantly smaller, drier, denser, with no cinnamon swirl, and no cinnamon crumb topping. Looks as if Corporate told the factory to cut back on everything, and raise the price.

  18. Hank

    Significantly reducing the size of this coffee cake was one thing, but diminishing the quality was totally unacceptable. I can only assume that Corporate-driven changes of this type and magnitude is being applied to many, if not all products sold by Trader Joe’s. Shame on you!

  19. Brianne D

    This coffee cake used to be amazing – truly. However you wouldn’t know it now. It used to be moist and full of cinnamon, covered in delicous crumble. Now it’s sad and dry with very little crumble. I will not buy this again.

  20. Sharon Luke

    Very dry. No cinnamon swirl. Used to be delicious. Now tasteless, like stale bread. Won’t buy again.

  21. Sharon Luke

    Very dry. No cinnamon swirl. No topping. Used to be delicious. Now tasteless, like stale bread. Won’t buy again.

  22. Jay

    Barely any swirl and some bites had a bad enough plastic taste to them that I had to spit them out.

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