Trader Joe’s Just Beets with a Splash of Lemon Juice Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Just Beets with a Splash of Lemon Juice Reviews

  1. Taylor

    As a person who was never really a fan of beets, I must admit that I drank this juice like it was some freshly-squeezed OJ. It could have been because I had just been reading up on the seemingly endless benefits of beets, or perhaps it was because my body needed some nutrients after the massive amounts of froyo I consumed this weekend.
    Either way, this juice is damn good. I will be buying again!

  2. Diane kh Yi

    im not the person who enjoy beets. the beets tasted weird for me all the times.. but i have wanted to try it for my healthy issue (like.. high blood pressure so on..). and i found beets juice at Trader’s joe’s by accident. i bought 1 at the first time, and i had to come back next day to get more! it tastes really good and fresh~ i drink this bottle every day now. i really want to say Thank Trader Joe’s for Fresh Beets . lemon Juice! and i m going to buy tonight again~

  3. Felicia

    I eat beets so this juice is hardy, earthy, fresh, and delicious! I bought 2 the first time due to the reviews.. Going again and buying 4..

  4. Darcel

    Would give you a 5 star for the juice.But instead you get a one star for discontinuing my favorite and good product. Boooooo

  5. John Wantulok

    So disappointed that I can’t get your beet juice anymore. I was drinking it for improved blood pressure.

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