Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Lime Almond Dip Reviews

(17 customer reviews)

17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Lime Almond Dip Reviews

  1. Linda Sperandio

    I wish I had tasted this before purchasing. I spread it on a cracker and did not like it at all. Strong halapeno and lime flavor with no almond flavor at all. Not sure what I can do with this product or how to use it. Any ideas?

  2. Katherine Bragdon

    LOVE this dip.

  3. Lorena Cruz

    Love this dip! So good with/on anything.

  4. Michelle Robbins

    Love this stuff! Strong jalapeño flavor, yes, but I love spicy stuff. I like to mix it with the cauliflower tabouleh. BOMB!

  5. Joyce

    I love that Trader Joe’s always has lower cost alternatives to products found at WholeFoods. A decent take on Bitchin’ Sauce, the taste is amazing but the texture is kind of crumbly for my taste. I added a little bit of warm water to it to smooth out the texture and it did the trick! I have it with veggies or add a little EVOO to make a spicy salad dressing. Love it!

  6. sherry

    Love, Love, Love.. my vegan chicken salad
    spread on pumpernickel, add sliced almonds and top with fresh sprouts. It’s delicious. I am going to add grapes, cranberries, next time

  7. Cathy

    My trader joe’s served the Jalapeno Lime Almond Dip mixed into the Kale Salad Mix & Tuna. What a great healthy upgrade to boring mayonnaise! And the spices are already included. I bought the set immediately for lunch the next day.

  8. Heather A

    I didn’t love this as a dip, too gritty. Any suggestions for adding it as an ingredient in a recipe?

  9. Toni

    This dip has really grown on me. At first I wasn’t crazy about the texture, but then I realized it kind of had the same texture as Ricotta. So I ran with that, and made a vegan, GF lasagna, using thin, oblong slices of zucchini for the noodles and this almost dip as the ricotta. It turned out great!

  10. AC

    Horrible!! There is no flour in it, but it tasted like a flour and water paste with a lot of lime. The Hope brand almond dip is 100% better!!

  11. Kate Corson

    Why is this no longer available?!!!! My girlfriends and I were OBSESSED with this . So disappointed it’s been discontinued, please bring it back!

  12. SP

    Super disappointed this has been discontinued. This was my go to dip. Please bring it back.

  13. Andy

    This was fantastic…. please bring back. I used it on crackers and on toast. Wonderful as a cream-cheese substitute.

  14. Alex Epstein

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyy BRING IT BACK!!! I was obsessed with it – it’s so good!!

  15. Bb

    Please bring this back. Love the flavor and texture.

  16. Sean

    My GF won’t talk to me until I figure out a way to get almond dip back. Please help!!!

  17. Kristen

    This was my favorite dip ever! As someone with both celiac disease and a complete inability to digest dairy, it can be hard to find favorite foods, especially anything like a dip or sauce, & something I can AFFORD. It kills me this is gone. Please bring it back. It was such a good snack for those of us who can’t just eat anything!!

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