Trader Joe’s Jackfruit & Cashew Tikka Masala Reviews

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From Trader Joe’s “Indian Fare” line: jackfruit and cashew pieces cooked in a spicy curry sauce.


3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Jackfruit & Cashew Tikka Masala Reviews

  1. Luci

    I absolutely love Indian foods, but this taste nothing like Indian foods that I have consumed. The jackfruit does not cut it in this item. I do love the other Indian items, but this is definetely thumbs down.

  2. Jane Alexander

    This is the best packaged Indian food I have ever found at Trader Joe’s. I am devastated every time I find a favorite at Trader Joe’s and then it is discontinued. I cannot figure out why this product was pulled off the shelves and is no longer available. It was the only Indian product that was not too spicy. If you agree, please send a message to Trader Joe’s to bring it back. If enough people write, it may happen

  3. Trader’s Joe frequent shopper

    The best Indian product I tried at Trader’s Joe. Plus low calorie, plenty of fiber, and affordable. Please bring it back!

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