Trader Joe’s Italian Tomato & Burrata Ravioloni Reviews

(5 customer reviews)

Double-stuffed bi-color pasta with tomato & burrata cheese filling.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Italian Tomato & Burrata Ravioloni Reviews

  1. susan

    omg so gross – they are very sweet (sugar in the “tomato”??? – my guess is tomato paste)

  2. Lopaka

    Excellent, sweet burrata – we added garlic infused virgin olive oil, ground pepper, and parmesan atop.
    10 minute meal, the taste punches above its price.
    TJ’s varieties of ravioli never break when boiling, unlike several other brands. Have them twice a week.

  3. Emily

    Super quick and easy veggie meal tossed with some delicate greens, EVOO, balsamic, salt and pepper.

  4. Terasec

    Extremely salty

  5. TM

    Just like all other Trader Joe’s ravioli, this ravioli has a perfect pasta texture. Inside, the flavour is delicious, the burrata melts with the cooking process and is just what you want. This ravioli is especially good with the burrata bombs that they sell.

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