Trader Joe’s Italian Style Turkey Meatloaf Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Italian Style Turkey Meatloaf Reviews

  1. Geno

    this is a great turkey meatloaf. I slice it up first and then heat it up in the microwave. it is ready very quickly and tastes delicious. TJ’s Italian style turkey meatloaf is a fantastic alternative to a regular ground beef meatloaf as it is much healthier (less fat). I just told my best friend about this and he got it for his whole family and they really liked it as well.

  2. Marco

    I agree with Geno, TJ’s turkey meatloaf is very good. The sauce is thick with a good flavor of herbs and tomatoes. We had it for dinner last night with some mixed veggies and a green salad. I finished it off for lunch today on a sandwich. Will definitely purchase this again.

  3. Brian McDermott

    I’ve enjoyed Trader Joe’s turkey meatloaf at least once a week for awhile but it hasn’t been in the store for months now.It’s delicious and I wonder when it will be back.Nobody seems to know.

  4. Patti

    I guess I’m the odd one out. I couldn’t even finish more than 3 bites. The sauce is good, but the texture of the meat was off. Best way I can describe it is stringy and tough. Maybe I got a bad one, but it went in the trash. Love so many other TJ products and meatloaf, but this was a fail for me.

  5. Mindy

    The sauce is good the meatloaf not so good taste bread crumby …and doughy…

  6. Tiffany Ly

    I picked this up recently after spotting it and wow it is really really good! I split it amongst 3 meals for one person and it tasted fresh. the sauce is super tastey! I am obsessed.

  7. Brian

    Watery (not juicy) meat sponge. I love TJ’s, and this is the first/only item I’ve gotten there that I would label as disgusting. My daughter usually has to be told to eat her veggies/etc. when we eat the traditional TJ Meatloaf, because she will just chow on the meatloaf (and she loves her veggies, too). Poor kid couldn’t get past a couple bites, wife had one piece, and I forced down my piece. We tried it because, as I was told, they’ve discontinued the Traditional Meatloaf… WHY?

  8. Christie

    Got this today and love it. Very tasty, sauce is delicious!!!

  9. Jams

    We won’t be getting this again. The last 2 times while eating it, all individuals said it tasted like it had sand and grit in it. The first time we thought it was a fluke, the second time we said “NO MORE”. The only thing we can think of that the turkeys being processed have sand in them ans it’s transferred to the finished product. Bizarre.

  10. msran

    Love this meatloaf. Just tried the TJ Traditional meatloaf (beef) today and find it dense and dry. Have bought this turkey meatloaf several times and we find it moist and flavorful. Just wish they put a bit more sauce on it. Definitely not enough to get more than a teaspoon or so on every slice. I try to have some leftover marinara on hand when I use portions I’ve frozen for later meals.

  11. Kim

    Bought this yesterday. I love the softer texture and the sauce. Less garlicky than home made but I like the simplicity of it. Would definitely buy this again.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s so delicious!

  13. Mary Ann W

    The meatloaf is spongy, not meaty. I am afraid that the fillers and the unnatural ingredients make it taste unnatural. I will not buy it again.

  14. Grace

    This product is inconsistent. It is either very good or sadly disappointing. The last time it had pieces of what was probably onion which was tough and unpleasant to the palate. The price has gone from $6.99 to $8.99, still reasonable for a quick dinner but I’m not likely to have it again anytime soon.

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