Trader Joe’s Italian Style Turkey Meatloaf Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Italian Style Turkey Meatloaf Reviews

  1. Geno

    this is a great turkey meatloaf. I slice it up first and then heat it up in the microwave. it is ready very quickly and tastes delicious. TJ’s Italian style turkey meatloaf is a fantastic alternative to a regular ground beef meatloaf as it is much healthier (less fat). I just told my best friend about this and he got it for his whole family and they really liked it as well.

  2. Marco

    I agree with Geno, TJ’s turkey meatloaf is very good. The sauce is thick with a good flavor of herbs and tomatoes. We had it for dinner last night with some mixed veggies and a green salad. I finished it off for lunch today on a sandwich. Will definitely purchase this again.

  3. Brian McDermott

    I’ve enjoyed Trader Joe’s turkey meatloaf at least once a week for awhile but it hasn’t been in the store for months now.It’s delicious and I wonder when it will be back.Nobody seems to know.

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