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18 reviews for Trader Joe’s Italian Mini Ravioli Reviews

  1. steven p

    Surprisingly good for a shelf-stable dry ravioli. One package of this with a jar of marinara sauce (and some grated cheese) reminds me a lot of canned mini-raviolis–not a bad thing imo! Different than fresh pasta, but yummy. And one bag makes a TON of ravioli! Be sure to cook it long enough–about 20-25 minutes on a low boil. Longer than regular pasta.

  2. Amelia Toten

    We do not have a Trader Joes’s store in mny area. Can I order it from a store??

  3. Amelia Toten

    Very good . want more.

  4. Fay K.

    Quite disappointing. We love Trader Joes, but these dry ravioli were not good at all. The “cheese” center is a small clump of brownish something…not sure what. I boiled longer than recipe on the bag because the center filling would not cook. Ended up with overcooked pasta and undercooked filling.

  5. PC

    Please bring these back! Picked them up for years , only to find them discontinued

  6. Mark C Clark

    my boys loved this – are they gone for good?

  7. Anonymous

    The only ravioli my 4 year old will eat and perfect for my 18 month also. Please bring these back!!

  8. LaurenB

    My whole family adores these, although I must say that we think of them more as tortellini than ravioli, despite their shape. We’re just ate our very last bag tonight, and we’re so sad that they’ve been discontinued. I’d be curious to hear if anyone has found a similar product.

  9. Janelle

    Our family loves these please bring them back ❤️

  10. Lynn

    I have used these for years to make soup with leftover chicken or turkey. They maintained their shape and with the addition of vegetable, made for a hearty, winter worthy meal. Imagine my surprise when gathering thanksgiving supplies, to find these missing from the shelves of my local Trader Joe’s!!! Anyone know of a substitute? I hate it when my staple ingredients disappear!

  11. Andrea

    PLEASE bring these back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son loves these. I’m begging!

  12. Johanna

    They make the PERFECT addition to soups! I always stock up…so so sad these are gone. Please bring them back!!

  13. John

    Adding to the chorus–our family would love to see these come back, they’re delicious and easy!

  14. Rosa

    LOVE THESE SO MUCH. Please bring them back. Begging along with many others!

  15. David

    I’m with many others…please bring these back! My family looks for them every time we go shopping at TJs, hoping by some miracle we see them in the shelves again. Do you have any updates regarding this?

  16. YankeeMom

    Please bring the Mini cheese dried ravioli back. So good for a dried pasta

  17. Kelly

    We all loved these!!! Please bring them back!!!

  18. Nicole

    Please bring these back. My boys were so upset when I told them they have been discontinued!!

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