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68 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Chili Jam Reviews

  1. Daniel Leahy

    This is a wonderful hot sweet and tasty product that I was not aware of until I was told it was discontinued. I am very shocked that it was dropped and I think it was not given a chance. I hope that the company changes their mind. Did you ever try it with peanut butter (especially crunchy) it is shockingly good. I would hate to go to someone else to get that flavor! You are the best store even though I am going to have to live with out my HOT& SWEET CHILI JAM! A 10 out of10.

  2. Teeny

    I LOVE the hot and sweet chili jam. I’ve gone through 4 jars already. I am so sad that it has been discontinued. If I had known, I would have bought the store out. How am I supposed to make goat cheese with hot and sweet chili jam spread over the top without Trader Joe’s hot and sweet chili jam???? It’s ALWAYS a hit at parties. Please change your mind and BRING BACK HOT AND SWEET CHILI JAM.

  3. Elaine F

    I love this stuff! Flood TJ with requests to return this at least seasonally so it is not lost forever! Contact them via email, sometimes they will reconsider if enough people contact them.

  4. PV

    why was this discontinued? I Love it! Everyone I know who has tasted it loves it. You need to reconsider bringing this back on the shelves.

  5. Andrea

    This is my main reason for shopping at TJs and I am heartbroken that you have discontinued it! Please bring this back.

  6. Marcus S Villanueva

    If you don’t bring it back I will never come back to TJ…well on second thought that’s crazy but I’ll be super bummed…please reconsider.

  7. Melinda Clare

    So BUMMED!!!! Love this over a block of cream cheese. ALWAYS a hit at parties. Now what am I gonna do? BRING IT BACK! PLEASE!!!

  8. Robert Terry

    This was one of my favorite products at TJ’s. My TJ’s couldn’t keep it on the shelf. Now you have discontinued it. You need to can some of your marketing staff. They are worthless.

  9. Paula Zamora

    I need this jam back. Sandwiches are not the same anymore. Food tastes sad. Please bring my joy of being alive again and let me try this delicious jam one more time.

  10. randi

    I am trying to make it, and its not the same! Please please bring it back. How about Chinese New Year? Post how it makes the best General Tsao Chicken IN THE WORLD! Yall are still selling that in the frozen section, and it’s a pale shadow to the chili jam version!

  11. Bob

    I agree with Robert Terry and Paula, and post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches aren’t the same with out TJ Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce.

  12. Adria Urell

    I will also agree with everyone………… I heard you discontinued this product due to price. I serve it at EVERY PARTY and it’s a hit. Who cares if it cost a little more. Let us buy it on line and then you won’t have to stock it.

  13. bstahl

    The best! Just when I turned my friends on to this wonderful jam, you discontinued it. Please bring it back! I will have to resort to another (inferior) similar product, not sold by Trader Joe’s.

  14. Allison Susser

    I was soooooo bummed today when I went to Trader Joe’s to find out the hot and sweet chili ham was discontinued!
    I usually by six jars at a time, so I haven’t looked for it in a while. Down to the bottom of my last jar and will savor every last bite of it! It was the perfect blen of sweet and spicy. One of my favorites!
    Please, please bring it back!!!!
    Another suggestion…
    Please give some notice when an item is going to be discontinued so we can stock up !!

  15. Joy H

    Sad it’s gone, don’t go to TJs as much anymore!! Bring it back seasonally???

  16. Nancy

    I discovered TJ’s Hot and Sweet Chili Jam last year, and it has been a staple for our parties ever since. I’ve been waiting for it to arrive around November, only to find out that it’s been discontinued! This is such a loss! Please bring it back!!

  17. Kirsten

    They need to bring this AND the wasabi mayo back! 2 of my very favorite items

  18. Ari

    Sooo sad! Bring it back! Bring it back!

  19. Florence Chaffin

    What they said!!! I LOVE this, and only found it this spring. Now it’s gone, and I have shared all my stash, not knowing it would be unavailable! (and creating even more sad people!!)

  20. Sad about sweet and spicy jam RIP

    WHY would you take this from my life I will never be the same I love pan grilling asparagus our Brussels with this in it PLEASE BRING BACK MY FAVORITE TJS ITEM:(

  21. WHY would you D/C hot & sweet chili jam?!

    I miss this stuff terribly… it was always a hit on my charcuterie board, paired so well with cheeses or cream cheese. Now I see people used it on Brussel sprouts and I never even had a chance to try that! Please bring it back! I’ll pay twice the price (already was on Amazon, and now they’re out too)!

  22. Hildie Cuddigan

    Please bring back the chili jam! Even if only for the holidays. It’s my FAVORITE TJ’s product.

  23. ann

    please bring back the chili jam!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ann

    I, too, was stunned that this was discontinued. Please bring it back.

  25. Margo

    Another upset customer who won’t be visiting Trader Joe’s as often….Unbelievable that a fabulous product like this has been discontinued…I thought the goal of this management was to make the customer HAPPY…..

  26. Kris

    I found this product yesterday at ALDI if anyone has a store in his or her area!!

  27. Penny gamage

    Best product in the store. Was told at Columbus Ohio store it’s been discontinued.

  28. Lorre

    I’m so sad. Please bring this back.

  29. mary

    Just ran to TJ to pick up my favorite chili jam. I am so disappointed not to see it on the shelves. I always put a dollop of jam over my grilled salmon. It’s the best combo ever! please bring this great product back asap!!

  30. Beni Marko

    Is Trader Joe’s considering bringing back the Hot & Sweet Chili Jam. It is a party favorite and with the holidays upon us I keep getting this as all time favorite. Why was it discontinued?

  31. Stephanie

    Please bring back the chili jam it is so good. Please.

  32. Kelly Sparks

    Please bring this back!! Nothing like it!! It’s a family favorite!!

  33. shay reed

    Can’t believe it was discontinued. I am glad I bought many jars for back up, but after giving as gifts and taking to parties and serving at home dinner parties, I found out my stock had dried up. What a sad life to look forward to without this wonderfully delicious Chili Jam.

  34. Mary

    My life has been drab since you stopped carrying Hot & Sweet Chili Jam. It is amazingly good with so many foods in so many ways. I can’t imagine having to live the rest of my life without ever having a jar available in my cupboard. I have searched and searched for a comparable recipe to no avail. You MUST put this back on your shelves immediately or I will have to continue pestering you!

  35. Logan

    Visited our local store twice in two months and found the chili jam wasn’t available on the first visit . I assumed it was out of stock or unavailable at the time . Not until my second visit did I begin questioning where it could be hiding on the shelves . This has brought me to the current review page only to find it has been discontinued . I hope this is eventually brought back , somehow !

  36. Caa

    Please, please bring back the chili jam. TJs always seems to discontinue great products.

  37. Emily

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back this product!!! It was so versital and it became a staple condiment in our home. I’m having major withdrawal 🙁

  38. Caa

    PLEASE bring this product back. It was wonderful.

  39. Kelley

    I miss this Jam every day 🙁

  40. Olivia


  41. Deb

    I too just found out that it’s been discontinued and would have bought a case of this fabulous jam! TJ’s bring it back for goodness sakes….what’s wrong with you. All of these people love it yet you discontinue it!?!

  42. Steph

    Trader Joe’s I’m so disappointed in you. Everyone I’ve showed this to has loved it and you just decided it wasn’t worth your time. So upset with you especially since everyone misses it enough to actually post a review asking for it back and you’re not listening. That’s terrible customer service in my opinion

  43. Pal

    We found this or similar at ALDI a sister company of Trader Joe’s. Same look, awesome taste. But now I can’t find it. Bummer

  44. Lavon

    Hi, I just discovered this hot & sweet chili jam in April of 2018 from a lady I work for. This was one of the leftovers in the refrigerator after cleaning it. I used this jam in some of my recipes and on sandwiches and now I’m completely out of it.
    I’ve searched all the stores and it’s not on the shelf. Now I’m contacting the company and you guys have discontinued this product? You got to be kidding me, would someone please put this back on the shelf. This is a wonderful ENHANCER and it sets the stage for any occasion.

  45. Lizzie

    I love this jam!!!! It’s great with cream cheese or hummus, but also as a glaze for root vegetables, or in spicy asian sauces… its got that nice texture from the red pepper that elevates it beyond pepper jelly.I have not been able to find a good replacement. PLEASE bring it back Trader Joes!!

  46. Leslie Michael

    Bring back my Jam! It’s the best I’ve ever had and there is no other to substitute.

  47. Christen

    Please please bring this back. Me and my family miss it so much!!!!

  48. Nicole

    I am soooo bummed this has discontinued. Please, please, please reconsider or at least make it available online for ordering.

  49. Frank M


  50. Lee Mo

    Ohhhhhh ….. why is this no longer in my life! It was good on everything….literally everything!

  51. nelia rivers

    Please bring this back- i use it on salmon for a fabulous taste!
    When can we all expect to see it again??

  52. zbg

    Omg. Your chili jam is way too good to give up on. Come on Trader Joe’s! Don’t make us live without it!!

  53. Joseph L Bartolotta

    Please bring back, will buy multiple cases

  54. Susan

    This chili jam was delish … so upset that you guys discontinued … please bring it back….please☹️

  55. Molly Terry

    please bring it back!! It’s been soooo long!! I know so many people who are upset about this.
    I saw an Aldi version but they don’t keep it stocked either. What’s the deal?!

  56. Kim Burrell

    Pleaseeeeeeee bring this back. I don’t understand why it was discontinued. It was literally 99% of the reason I went to your store.

  57. Jessica Ambrose

    Please bring this back!! It’s what got me in the door! Tasted it at a party and it made me go to Trader Joe’s for the first time! I’d go more often if this was there still! Please bring it back!!

  58. Nisa

    Please bring back this jam. It’s was the best product you ever made. It was insanely good. On a bagel with cream cheese – to die for. Grilled cheese sandwiches without it just aren’t the same. Every time I visit I look in hopes of it returning!

  59. Marcie Ulrich

    Please bring this product back.. it is the best ever.. cannot believe you got rid of it!

  60. Edwina

    I have literally been to 70 countries trying chilli jams to find a replacement and nothing is as good. BRING BACK THE CHILLI JAM!

  61. Amy

    Please bring this back it is the best!

  62. Buddy Jaquith

    Wow!, we really love the Hot and Sweet Chili Jam
    Please bring it back

  63. Em

    I also loved this jam and want TJ’s to PLEASE BRING IT BACK.

  64. Deb

    Please bring this back and make it available year round rather than just seasonally. It has a huge fan base!

  65. Pamela Register

    Why was this discontinued?? I’m devastated! It’s thee best. And there are other jams you carry that are not good. Please bring this back!!!

  66. D Moore

    I assumed I could always get this at TJ’s, but recently realized it’s gone – NOOOO! PLEASE bring it back!

  67. Lisa

    I was trying to save the last jar I had in the pantry for as long as possible. Finally opened it for my family and cannot believe it has been discontinued. I did not know anyone who didn’t love this jam. Bought for others and for myself. Am so disappointed. I hope TJ’s will consider sticking it on the shelves again.

  68. Wendy

    I make a beautiful hot-sweet dressing for a Goat Cheese and Beet Salad that is so incredibly complimentary. I am sooooo bummed that you no longer carry it. I still have 1/3 of a jar, but it’s not enough!! I’m going to try and make some, but, honestly, it would be absolutely great if you started making it again.

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