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13 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hazelnut Coffee Creamer Reviews

  1. Marisa

    Disgusting. I’d rather drink my coffee black out of a dirty mug then drink this nasty stuff. It made me question whether something was wrong with my coffee maker! I love Trader Joe’s and will continue to shop there, but please look into why this creamer tastes like ass.

  2. TC McGuire

    My wife and I love this stuff. Horrified last night to discover its suddenly gone from the shelves. TJ rotates out lots of products, but we’ve been hooked on this every morning for years and find it incomprehensible that it has gone away for good – or even temporarily! What gives Trader Joe?

  3. Karina


  4. Chad Johnson

    Horrible, no taste at all.

  5. Jeanne

    I love this coffee creamer. I don’t know what I’m gonna do now the Trader Joe’s is it going to carry it anymore. I’m not happy about this

  6. Linda

    So sad to find out this has been discontinued- what am I going to put in my coffee now? It was gluten free and lactose free – perfect for me

  7. Melanie Browne

    Devastated that this creamer has been discontinued! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! We buy 8 at a time & use it every single day.. have introduced to many friends who love it! Please please please bring it back!

  8. Lauren Gisel

    So upset this has been discontinued. We used to special order a case of this creamer monthly. We love it so much and it is really the only creamer we really like. PLEASE bring this back!!!

  9. Jenna

    First you make us wait outside in the dead of winter to enter the store when no other store requires this. Next you discontinue the only hazelnut creamer that isn’t overly sweet and is non dairy. It’s like you’re trying to lose customers. Well. Success.

  10. Wendy

    RE: Hazelnut creamer. Wow we couldn’t find it either in Greenville, SC so I hope they bring back the Hazelnut coffee creamer as we buy several at a time. Just don’t care for the French Vanilla nearly as much. Bummer.

  11. Garrett

    I’ve been using this coffee creamer for over three years and I always stock my fridge with it. Returning to the local TJ’s I was disappointed and didn’t want to give up so I went around to a couple others in the area to only disappoint myself even further. This creamer was hands down— the best! Lactose free, perfect mixture of sweetness for the yirgacheffe I brew in my French press. Searching for other alternatives.

  12. DILL

    WTF why you gonna take away the Hazelnut creamer…

  13. Mary Ann

    The TJ Hazelnut coffee creamer is the reason I shop at TJ’s. I spend a lot of money on items at TJ’s I could buy elsewhere. I guess I’ll be shopping elsewhere. What a disappointment. And for the records not everyone likes coconut creamers.

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