Trader Joe’s Half Moon Cookies Reviews

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Handcrafted cookies with dark fudge and white icing.


9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Half Moon Cookies Reviews

  1. Lena

    During the first few bites I thought these cookies were so-so, but as you keep eating, it reels you in! The icing is great; it has a melt-in-your-mouth feel, and the cookies are really soft. Without the icing these cookies wouldn’t be very good, but the taste with the icing makes it worth it.

  2. Wes

    I have a love-hate relationship with these cookies. Like Lena said, the cookies themselves are pretty flavorless and not very sweet, but the addition of the icing and the soft texture make them pretty tasty nonetheless.

  3. Bill

    love these

  4. Su

    I love Trader Joe’s snacks and treats but these were a huge disappointment. They seemed a little over-priced, but I bought them as a special treat. The cookie has an odd, bready, almost cornbread- like texture and flavor with a weird herbal aftertaste. The white icing is just really thick powdered sugar glaze and the chocolate icing has a very artificial flavor. I expect better from Trader Joe’s.

  5. Graham Anderson

    Pretty good Black & White Cookies. Not sure why TJ’s is calling them “Half Moon Cookies.” You can find far better at a real deli, but here in California they’re better than the local faire.

  6. Sandy

    I love Black & White cookies so I was excited to hear they had these at TJs – but they were a huge disappointment. The brand they carry at Vons/Pavilions is much better.

  7. Sherry

    I love Black and White cookies but they are so big. These cookies are almost as good as my favorite bakery black and whites. At first they tasted a little artificial, but for a packaged cookie they come very close to the real thing.

    The frosting is a bit on the thick side – which is how I like it. The “vanilla” is really just sugar which is how the bakery ones are. The chocolate is not very chocolaty but it does have a nice fudgy texture.

    One black and white from the bakery sells for $3 these days to this pack of ten (which is about the same amount of cookie as one bakery cookie) is a decent price.

    I’ve never seen what I consider a black and white at Vons, but the frosted cookies there are just OK, too artificial.

  8. mjc

    These are NOT HALF MOONS. They are black and white cookies. Half moons are different – the cake is chocolate, the chocolate icing is softer, and the vanilla icing is soft buttercream.

  9. Meg

    I love Black and White cookies (having lived in NYC-these are very popular in the city).
    I love the small size and the ones I bought were fresh and perfect in flavor and consistency! Thanks for bringing this transplant an East Coast treat 🙂

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