Trader Joe’s Green Onions Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Green Onions Reviews

  1. Wes

    I love green onions, and these don’t disappoint. More reliable than certain Trader Joe’s produce. Only 99 cents and you can get many uses out of the package.

  2. Nell

    I’ve never noticed a big difference among green onions, so not much to say about these, other than they do the job of adding flavor to a dish.

  3. Ross

    Always crisp and fresh and TJ’s retains the pricing…


    I use and enjoy them very much. I just wish that, like for other TJ’s packaged produce, the package would indicate prewashed or wash first, rather than just blank with regard to that issue. Currently, I do wash them first using TJ’s Fruit And Vegetable Wash.

  5. Susan Edgington

    What has happened to Trader Joe’s green onions?!?! At first it was a supplier issue, so there have been none in the store for months. I was thrilled to see packaged green onions again, but different packaging and three bunches in the plastic bag. They looked great and fresh. I chopped them and sprinkled them generously on my toast with hummus. I took my first bite – DIRT!!! And there was dirt/grittiness in every bite. GROSS.

  6. Oakie

    They spoil really fast compared with most green onions. Fine if you can use them up within 3 days, but it’s a large package, so I usually have to throw half of them away.

  7. Jason M.

    Way too much unnecessary plastic. The onions themselves are fine, but the plastic bag is too much just for green onions.

  8. Poki

    I hate it when stores create artificial shortages of staples or low-profit margin items. With staples, it’s to force you to return often in hopes you’ll impulse buy, and/or buy less from competitors. With low-margin items, it’s to raise the average profit on your cart. But it’s dirty pool–it steals your time, your gas money, and your buying power. Green onions aren’t really in short supply. Most TJ’s stores are not allowed to order more than one crate a day, even though that means they run out before noon. (I know because employees told me.) I used to think of TJ’s as a place to buy healthy food at fair prices. Now they run out of everything that isn’t junk food or overpriced.

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