Trader Joe’s Greek Spanakopita Reviews

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30 reviews for Trader Joe’s Greek Spanakopita Reviews

  1. Pete Reifel

    YUCK!!!! Too much salt. Very disappointed. Threw it out.

  2. Shelly

    Salty & greasy. I took a few bites & threw it out like the other reviewer.

  3. Jay Kemahli

    One of the best you can buy…

  4. Bobbie W.

    This was a bit on the greasy side, other than that it was pretty good . I do not think this would be a star at any show nor do I think it should be. My mother and I had a girls night in and made a few frozen apps from TJ’s and this was the favorite out of the three. Next time i will serve with a dinner salad. ( I am going for a chicken chop salad with a feta, red pepper vinaigrette) The pastry was light and flaky. I will buy his again.

  5. Brian H

    The best spanakopita I’ve had in a very long time. It is all-around great, including the lovely olive oil, real cheeses, and tasty flavors!

  6. David Hillman

    The box says 30-35 minutes, but it just starts to brown at 45 minutes and is barely done at about 60 minutes when I couldn’t wait. Our oven is accurate, but not these directions. The individual spanakopita probably cook much faster. I can wait an hour, but feel like the directions wasted 30 minutes of my time. Do have with salad.

  7. Kelly

    This spanakopita is delicious! Light and flaky phyllo dough filled with spinach, cheese and the right blend of spices. No mistakes in this recipe. No personal spins on this recipe. Tastes very authentic. I agree with others who commented that the cooking time is off. I cooked the pie 45 minutes and it was a light brown and the filling was perfectly cooked (not dry). Don’t think I would go longer than that though.
    I didn’t think anything could beat TJ’s chicken jalapeno sausages (love them with honey mustard) but spanakopita is now my favorite. Yum!

  8. Kim

    Yum! Perfect ratio of filling to crust. A little cheesy too. Yum!

  9. Lewis Valez

    This is a tasty decent value. Sure, it may not exactly taste like yiayia’s, but what does in this day and age? No one rolls their own phyllo dough anymore. For those complaining about cook time, I have always found Trader Joe’s suggested cook time for ANY frozen item to be very inaccurate. Cooking in an air fryer solves this problem and this cooked superbly in 24 minutes with a brown, crispy, flaky crust which wasn’t watery in the filling!

  10. Alice Watercress

    It says it might contain walnuts. I can confirm that it does. My lips swelled up–I am quite allergic, but not so that I avoid foods with “traces of tree nuts”. These have more than a trace.

  11. Lynda

    Salty, greasy, and gross. Had to throw it out. Just awful.

  12. Aron Goldman

    I have tried hundred of different spinach pies, and while this was not the absolute best, it was near the top. It’s much better than many of the spanikopitas I have paid a lot for and weren’t nearly as good.
    If you buy the whole pie it is very flaky, but tasty. If you buy the small triangular form, the dough is much thinner and therefore is lower in carbs and calories. For four dollars it’s a very good value. I will buy it again and again!

  13. Alan Efremoff

    Best frozen spanikopita BY FAR!!! This is the closest thing there is to authentic.

  14. Angie

    I bought the individual spinach pie and I was not only full but delighted. I have made it and not easy and this satisfied me and it was 3 minutes in the microwave. Good job

  15. Jeff

    Good but not great. Would like a bit more filling between the filo. Baking directions all wrong. 35minutes at 350F barely gets it hot. I’d suggest starting at 400F, or alternately, let it sit in the fridge overnight and start from thawed at 350. Sad if people are eating it as directed!

  16. Lib

    Flakey Perfection. I was hesitant to put that paper dish on the rack. However, I did and following some suggestions, baked it 40 min. Those who said not done or browned may have not preheated oven. Mine was perfect, not salty or greasy as others said and the spinach was in perfect proportion to the pastry. Definitely let it sit 5-10 minutes because this dish is always best served warm—not hot. Authentic and delicious!

  17. Jim

    One of the best I’ve had I did not find it salty or greasy but like one of the other reviewers it takes much longer than 30 35 minutes to cook

  18. Ann

    The cooking time needed to be doubled (70 minutes necessary to brown), which was disappointing; but the pie itself is delicious.

  19. Ct

    What do people expect, its frozen food for $4. But it’s pretty good, we eat it often, only problem is the cooking directions are wrong, it takes a lot longer to cook, and then we broil it for a minute to brown the top.

  20. OveryournonsenseTJ

    What trash. 35 minutes later it has fallen through in the middle leaving a raw dough spinach doughnut on the outer edge and a mess to clean up on the bottom of my oven. Zero effing stars. What garbage. Thanks for 2 hours of chores in exchange for cheapass salty food

  21. Ralph Rabinowitz

    Absolutely horrible. Do not purchase.

  22. Joann

    It’s disgusting! The so called filo is like cardboard. If that is actually a product of Greece. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you want a good frozen spanakopita find a Greek store. I buy it all the time if I don’t feel like making my own.

  23. Candra

    My mother still buys TJ crap. It’s so sad that their ingredients used to be good. Now they seem more like all other corporate making things as cheap as they can ingredients. I think it’s false advertising to say this is made like authentic Greek. I noticed TJ uses “spices”, “natural flavors” (both of which are names that MSG goes under), and unhealthy cheap oils. I don’t recommend this bit of “Greek” nastiness anymore than I recommend other TJ products. I did hear they sold out years ago to a major retail chain, so there ya go.

  24. Kent

    My wife is a big fan of Greek dishes, especially spinach pie. She spit this out after gagging on it. Not a pleasant sight. Maybe I was asking too much from a frozen filo dish. I’ll go back to our local Greek deli for their excellent pie.

  25. Marilyn Stephens

    Have no idea how it tastes still in the oven for almost an hour, edges are just getting brown, instructions are incorrect. Hope it will be good when I finally get to eat it.

  26. Sav Rav

    Cooked it for 1hr and it still wasn’t golden. 70 min prob would’ve been good. Instructions on box are way off. It was pretty good, a little too salty and oily. I would get it again but cook it longer. Wish there was less salt. Maybe I’ll just make my own.

  27. Ralph (the Greek)

    I’m giving this Spanakopita a 5 for a few reasons. I’m Greek American raised in a half Greek/half Brit household. Is it as good as my mother or grand mother’s? Of course not, everybody knows mom and Yiayia’s cooking is always the best. But if you go to a Greek Festival you’ll probably pay around $5 bucks for a square of Spanakopita the size of a quarter of Trader Joe’s and I seriously doubt it will taste any better than this one. As for the taste… I’d have to say the taste I’d pretty accurate, and it’s made in Greece, probably by someone’s mom, grandmother or dad who’s been making Greek food most of their lives. Mine was A little mushy in the middle, most likely because I didn’t let it cool down enough (I’m pleading guilty to barely waiting 5 or 6 minutes cool down as per the instructions).

    As for the people complaining it was too salty, oily etc, in case you didn’t know, Feta IS a salty tasting cheese and Greek olive oil has it’s own flavor. It’s like complaining Mexican, Indian and Thai foods are too hot and spicy, it wouldn’t taste authentic, that’s why we enjoy it.

    I also look forward to heating up the Trader Joe’s 5 Cheese Spiral Spanakopita. I’m sure 3 of those cheeses will really send you to the beer keg!

  28. Ralph (the Greek)

    BTW, as per the directions I had the oven @ 350° but on a lower level the one glow center (directions said center rack position). After 36 minutes it was not brown or even cooked. So I repositioned the rack to center, turned the temperature up to 400° and cooked it another 12 minutes. I then placed if on the wooden cutting board and gave it the 5 (or 6) minutes called for. The center rose a little and the Filo was light golden brown. I cut it with a Pizza wheel. As mentioned before, I should have given this Spanakoois a few more minutes to co, but my taste buds wouldn’t wait. The FilO crust was PERRFECT! And my mouth said Yes. And I should know, I’ve been eating Greek food over 70 years

  29. Lou

    Directions state 30 – 35 minutes from frozen. After 60 minutes at the prescribed 350 degree temperature, it was STILL NOT GOLDEN BROWN.

  30. Anonymous

    Don’t waste your money on these. Mass produced and artificial tasting

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