Trader Joe’s Greek Honey Yogurt Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Greek Honey Yogurt Reviews

  1. Jenny Lens

    Yummiest yogurt ever! Dunno how they do it. Way better than adding honey. My special treat! Don’t need ice cream, cheese or other dairy. Gimme gimme Trader Joe’s Greek Honey Yogurt.

    PS NOT just for breakfast! I don’t start the day with something heavy like yogurt. I blend fresh greens. For cold mornings, TJ’s multigrains or oatmeal, not instant, no sugar.

    I eat their Yogurt ANY time of the day or night. Party time. Any time.

  2. Ant

    Hi Jenny,

    thanks for your thoughts above. I agree wholeheartedly. Terrific yoghurt, with such smooth texture. Long live Trader Joe’s.

    Kind regards,


  3. Sophy Carter

    Can’t get enough of the Greek Honey Yogurt from Trader Joe’s…. Yummy

  4. Susan Goldhahn

    yummy, live too far from Trader Joe’s though…wish i could find something close to this near me.

  5. Nya

    the best Greek Yogurt around.

  6. Michele Marr-Firl

    This is hands-down THE best yogurt I’ve ever had!

  7. Nancy

    This is my favorite yogurt!

  8. Kuguru

    Just simply delicious!

  9. Val SAD

    When Trader Joes has a winning product, they must spend a ton of time worrying about how it might hurt sales of their own competing products. So, they did it again. Just bit into my morning waffle sandwich filled with the Greek Yogurt w/Honey and it was MUCH less sweet (more sour) than usual. Brand new. I tested it side by side against same – from my nearly empty one. YEP – Trader Joes did it to me again. WHAT A LOSS – the checkers told me it WAS their best seller. ” COSTCO – please pounce on this opportunity to supply the world with better Greek Yogurt w/honey! My skinny old body deserves it.” I know that TJs won’t reconsider. Once gone, forever gone. My wildest hope is that this batch missed the sweetening process.

  10. Nancy

    This was exceedingly tangy and harsh. There was no honey flavor at all and not in the least bit sweet. It was basically just plain yogurt that did not have that pleasant tang that yogurt should have; just sour. Like sucking on a lemon…without the flavor.

  11. Rudin Karyanto

    This is the best yoghurt I’ve ever tasted. EVER!

  12. Anonymous

    Sour. No honey taste

  13. John

    Suddenly (May 2023 in Bay Area of California) it’s thinner, as if now being made by maker of their much less expensive yogurts. I bought 6 tubs today as it’s become a staple for me. Sad to have to eat all that flat thin-ish stuff but it will be the end for me. House brands are always a risk. One less trust stars in my feelings about Trader Joe’s.

  14. Anonymous

    Too sour, no honey taste. The regular greek yogurt is much better.

  15. Snibb

    If people think this is the best greek yogurt around they have not had Noosa. First item at Trader Joe’s that I don’t care for. This stuff is bitter and not sweet at all. I question if there’s even honey in it. Very acidic. No vote for me.

  16. Snibb

    Yep…gave it a second chance. This stuff is not sweet at all and bitter. No honey taste at all. First TJ’s product that’s failed for us. Why play with a winning recipe?

  17. Trader Joe’s girlie

    Tried this for a homemade parfait. Awful! Sour! Sad, I wasted my money. They must have changed the ingredients.

  18. Skf206

    SOOOOOO DANG good. LOVE the tangy taste & love that it’s not overly sweet. Husband & I are obsessed.

  19. Amanda

    It used to be my absolute favorite yogurt and now it’s awful! Much more sour and not as creamy. What happened TJ’s??

  20. Beth Pennings

    I think this might be my #1 favorite food of all time. What I mean by that is, I could literally live on it. I like yogurt, but this is in a class of its own. Thick, creamy, smooth, just the perfect flavor. Eaten alone or with some fruit – equally yummy.

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