Trader Joe’s Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Dog Food Reviews

(4 customer reviews)

Canned dog food with a hearty chicken flavor.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Dog Food Reviews

  1. Gretchen Roche

    I thought this Chicken Recipe canned dog food wa great until I started seeing ugly black blothches in the food. There’s nothing in the list of ingredients to explain this. It appears to be contamination. Is this produced in China and finished off in the US? SKU# 67017 Please email me soon as it is a pressing issue, stating your manufacturing process. Thank you

  2. Monica Ortega

    I just open a can and i saw the black blotches in the food what should i do?

  3. Erica Ma

    I’ve also just seen the black splotches ij in the food. What’s happening. Before this, the food was fine. Hopefully it’s just this lot.

  4. Rose

    I just emailed Trader Joe’s regarding this!! Has anyone heard back? I’ll be returning this too. Looks bad but no offensive odor. It just doesn’t look like something I’m comfortable feeding my dogs. I’m hoping they are okay as I’ve given them half a can already!

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