Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free White Sandwich Bread Reviews

(17 customer reviews)

17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free White Sandwich Bread Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    SO GOOD this is the only GF bread that is edible without being toasted. I love toasted sandwiches but sometimes you just want a regular deli style sandwich. This totally hits the spot.

  2. Masha

    Amazing. I have been looking for gf bread that doesn’t taste like rubbery poop. This one taste just like regular white bread. And it’s ok if you don’t toast it.

    Go TJ !

  3. sara

    Shelf stable and way better than the Udis shelf stable from Costco. And decent price as well.

  4. Joe Lauria

    I have had a wheat allergy for 10 years and have tried them all. This is absolutely the best. I live a distance from TJ’s and get there often, but this bread and its raison bread brother freeze very well.

  5. Joe Lauria

    I have had a wheat allergy for 10 years and have tried them all. This is absolutely the best! TJ’s is not close to me, but this bread and its raison bread brother freeze well.

  6. meagain

    Does anyone know if this bread is a low fodmap product? Thank you.

  7. N Dokter

    The Best Ever gluten free bread! How do you do it? I wish we had a Trader Joe’s in Racine, WI…hint, hint.

  8. J R

    This used to be my favorite – it was the best. Gave 5 stars to the previous version of this bread. It is now terrible. Goes to mush in your mouth. Awful!

  9. Jane

    This was my go to bread — now it’s awful. Not worth buying

  10. Karen S

    The new version of TJ GF white bread is terribly disappointing. The previous version had a dense texture which held together whether toasted or not. It also had a good flavor. The new version is crumbly and has no taste at all. Definitely a big step down in quality.

  11. KMS

    The previous version was my go-to sandwich bread for years. As someone with celiac disease, I was so happy to have something that tasted like “real” bread. The new recipe is almost inedible — bland, with a sand-like texture. I’m so disappointed in the change.

  12. Anonymous

    I used to love this bread but now it’s just a big nope. More than disappointed that it’s in the same packaging which seems deceptive and rude. Really debating about shopping there any longer and I had loved them. Why can’t I rate this no or negative stars?

  13. Julie Herring

    Horrible bread! This bread is awful compared to the old bread. Please go on the home page and write a formal complaint about it. Maybe if enough people do, they will bring the old version back. This is so disappointing. It is nothing Luke the old loaf.

  14. Eric

    So disappointing

  15. Casey

    Why ruin a good thing!!!
    This bread has been my go to and I’ve converted many non-gf people to it because of the awesome texture and flavor. This new recipe (in the same packaging no less) is just a spongy mess. It does not even compare to the goodness that has made gf life tolerable.
    Please, give us our bread back!

  16. Carolyn Stewart

    Good news!! Piper Glen Trader Joe’s has the original gluten free white bread back!!!!! Check your stores!

  17. M Monroe

    New gf bread is gross. The texture is horrible. Packaging is the same but the recipe has changed. I’m going back to grocery store frozen gf bread. It’s not great, but better than this.

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