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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Stuffing Mix Reviews

  1. Jean Tripp

    This was so excellent, per my teenage son who is diagnosed with Celiac disease. He ate it ALL. Could not believe it when I returned to the store a few days after Thanksgiving and was told it was ” no longer available”. Wanted to make it for Christmas again.

    Bring it back!

  2. Ann

    Excellent! This was my first Thanksgiving after being diagnosed with Celiac. Thank you for making a great tasting stuffing. Entire family enjoyed it – I’m the only one gluten free.

  3. Wes

    One of the best Trader Joe’s gluten-free products I’ve had yet!


    -Really easy preparation; takes less than 15 minutes to make (and 10 of those minutes are just leaving it covered by itself) – all you need to add is butter.

    -Tastes delicious. I love that they didn’t try to add a ton of extras (no big pieces of celery/onion or pecans or anything like that; just soft and moist bread pieces with tasty flavoring).

    -No one would guess that this was gluten-free. I prepared it on Thanksgiving and served it to certain family members that normally wouldn’t touch anything “gluten-free” with a ten foot pole, and they loved it. I had to show them the box when I revealed that it was gluten-free because they didn’t believe me.

    I’ll be serving this on Thanksgiving for years to come as long as TJ’s keeps it in stock!

  4. Diane

    Really good stuffing even if you are not looking for gluten free. I really enjoyed it on Thankgiving so I bought some extra boxes to have on hand. In not into cooking homemade stuffing and other brands are so fake. This stuffing looked and tasted like I made it myself.

  5. Jan Burnham

    Happy Thanksgiving 2019 all. So strange!! I have used this stuffing mix many times and this year I made a batch my daughter in another house made another box at her house, we brought both to dinner tonight and they both smelled and tasted rancid! Anybody else have this experience.

  6. nancy marzilli

    I’ll give this mix another try based on previous reviews. I thought the mix looked soupy so I backed off on the amount of liquid…..this was a mistake the stuffing came out dry an crumbly.

  7. kklisures123

    Hello. And Bye.

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