Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix Reviews

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix Reviews

  1. Isabel Moncure

    I made this and was delighted with the taste. The only reason I don’t rate it higher is due to the fact that it fell into pieces when being removed from the skillet. Rather than a neat round of bread made in my iron skillet, I ended up with very taste large crumbs. It was baked at the recommended temperature and time so if I did something wrong, I would like to know.

  2. Teresa Newell

    I just made this. It was beautifully brown and with a great favor. The most wonderful part is the texture! It’s light a fluffy and crispy on the outside.
    It doesn’t have the usual gritty texture of gluten free breads.

  3. Kristen Stewart

    I adore you Trader Joes. I am a serious fan girl and shop TJs as my only every week grocery stop. I am especially thrilled when you release new Gluten free baked goods/products. I literally give tours of your store to friends who are TJ virgins and don’t get the hype and they leave true believers. But what in the name of all my southern grandmas is this stuff you are calling “cornbread”? Who was drunk on spiked eggnog when they came up with this recipe?? Put a blindfold on and this is vanilla birthday cake ALL day long. Sugar should never be the 1st ingredient in cornbread and Vanilla!!?? Who ever told you that should go in cornbread?? I’m sad to say that this is not cornbread and while I’m all for interesting and unusual food pairings, vanilla birthday cake is not a good accompaniment to grandmas Ham hock bean soup and collard greens or chili or any other thing that is usually made better with a good piece of cornbread. Please consider a reformulation. Plzzzzz. Still love you TJ’s but this product is a NO unless one wants a gluten free vanilla birthday cake.

  4. Sonia

    Oh how awful to have vanilla and so much sugar in a gf cornbread mix. They should just sell it as cake. It’s lousy for a nice dinner accompaniment. So disappointed in TJ. GF should not mean sugary cake.

  5. Mel Korn

    So disappointed that this tastes like birthday cake. Leave out the vanilla and reduce the sugar a little and it would be perfect.

  6. Jammie

    Recently made the (much needed for years) switch to GF. My family likes honey butter on their cornbread. So being sweet wasn’ta bad thing for us! My adult son HATES anything “healthy “ or different than I have always made! This fooled him!!! He ate 4 off the muffins I made with this mix! I’m stocking up next time and I’m never making separate GF and NON GF!
    Great job TJ WE LOVE IT

  7. Bigfan

    Whole family loves this! It has a nice fluffy texture and isn’t at all crumbly, gets nicely browned, tastes delicious. Wish they sold it all year round. We need to stock up in the fall. Our very favorite corn bread mix.

  8. karrrah

    Like any cornbread mix, add butter and sour cream instead of just oil, milk, and eggs. Does anyone not know how to make box stuff homemade anymore?

  9. S Cabot

    This does taste like a desert but my hubby and I loved it. So easy and delicious!

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