Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns Reviews

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37 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns Reviews

  1. Wes

    These are okay — obviously being gluten-free, they don’ compare in taste or texture to “real” hamburger buns (ie: those made with wheat). Pretty dry and crumbly; not soft and firm like a good bun would be. That said, if you are strictly gluten-free, these are definitely better than nothing. FOR being gluten-free they’re not particularly bad, but they’re not one of those gluten-free foods that you can give your non-GF friends and say “You’ll never believe this is gluten-free!”

  2. Al

    These are good if you spread butter (or substitute) and broil them until toasted. Then the bun becomes softer and less dry. So much better than eating the hamburger without the bun!

  3. Kathy Norton

    These buns are so amazing toasted that even my husband, who does not need to be gluten free, loves them. All of our family and friends love them! We even eat them alone with butter and use them for sandwiches. Like any gluten free bread or bagel, they are better toasted. Best gluten free hamburger buns yet! It’s almost a shame to call them hamburger buns because they are great with everything.

  4. KM

    The ones pictured above are NOT the ones they sell now. The new GF hamburger buns are HORRIBLE!!! Trader Joes is very disappointing in general for GF bread products. Trader Joes is an awesome store, but corporate needs to notice just how bad their GF bread options are.

  5. Janice

    The new GF hamburger buns (though they look more like hamburger buns than the older recipe) are tasteless and dry. Heating them does not help. The old recipe if grilled lightly became soft and tasty. Unfortunately, I’ve stopped buying these.

  6. Cynthia Hannigan

    I really like these. They’re the best gluten free buns I’ve found. To my surprise I went to get more today and found they don’t carry till bbq season. It’s always bbq season in California. I’m so disappointed !

  7. Judy Richey

    These buns are the best on the market! Toasted, they were the closest to a “real” bun I’ve had! I just drov3 an hour to my nearest Trader Joe’s to find that they discontinued making and selling them…I’m so SAD
    Please consider bringing them back!

  8. Sandy

    I have found these GF buns to be the best I have tasted. I am very disappointed to hear they have been discontinued.

  9. Dave

    Seconding Sandy, I thought TJ’s GF hamburger buns were the best I’ve tried since diagnosis. I was able to get 2 packs in before they were discontinued.

    If TJ pulls their boxed GF mac n cheese, I will quite literally have no reason to go there any more. Those two things are the only GF products they have that are good enough (in my opinion) to justify the long drive it takes to get to the closest one.

  10. Neil Schuman

    Please bring them back. The sooner, the better.

  11. Colleen

    I have tried so many brands of gluten free buns and these are the best tasting and have the best texture of any. I’m so sad to hear they have been discontinued.

  12. Dawn

    these are the best hamburger buns in the world. Referring to the beautiful soft Sesame seeded ones. I’ve not been able to get them for a month. Some of my friends said they’ve been discontinued. Others have been informed that they are seasonal and will be back for summer. My local store can’t tell me why they don’t have them but can say they will be back in May. Another person indicated they’ve been told by their store that Trader Joe’s is switching sources for them. I hope and pray that they are the same and just as delicious and that they bring them back soon. Celiacs is not a seasonal condition so it would be nice if the Buns were available year-round. If they come back and they are the same as they were I’ll make sure I stock up before winter next time and put them in the freezer.

  13. June Iwafuchi

    After too many failed attempts to find a decent Gluten Free hamburger bun (not to mention hot dog!), I thought I’d died and gone to heaven after having discovered TJ’s version. Am totally crushed and amazed that I hear they are discontinued. Traveled miles to a number of TJ locations and wondered why I couldn’t find any GF buns. Okay, TJ, to be the one place that had provided a good GF bun, please don’t let all of us non-G folks down – return the GF bun!!!!

  14. Ann

    My daughter and I are so sad these have been discontinued. They are truly the best GF buns we’ve ever found. Please bring them back. 🙂

  15. Anna

    I just recently had discovered these a few months ago and they were amazing! So disappointed to find out today that they are discontinued from your Cleveland / Beachwood location. Please bring them back Trader Joe’s!

  16. Kebbie

    So sad to hear these were discontinued
    Please bring them back! They were amazing and a staple in our house

  17. Tami

    I too am disappointed Trader Joe’s hamburger buns were discontinued. Please bring them back!

  18. Jane

    These were the absolute BEST GF Buns. I’ve wasted so much money trying other brands. Please bring back!

  19. Alex

    Best GF Buns.
    Life is tough for those who have to live without gluten. Please get them back!

  20. Rebecca Kremer

    Best gluten free buns and we are seriously missing them. They kept well in the freezer and I would remove them when needed; place on a paper towel in the microwave and use the defrost feature to arrive at soft, moist, yummy sesame seed buns.

  21. Andrea

    These were the best. Have been going to TJ’s to find them every few weeks and thought they were out of stock until a phone call told me discontinued. So upsetting! Fjnally found an amazing bun & they’re not carrying them anymore. Trying hard to find the undercover bakery. Not easy! Might try Canyon’s and compare but not sure ingredient list is the same.

  22. Linda

    Please bring back the GF hamburger rolls. They were the best!

  23. Anonymous

    Please bring back the GF hamburger buns with the sesame seeds. They were perfect.

  24. mary ellen

    I’ve heard that they weren’t discontinued, but are not considered seasonal. They were at our TJ’s store this spring/summer (burger/grilling season?) Not sure if they’ll still be there in the fall.

  25. Joel

    These are the best tasting GF buns I’ve had and made special 25 minute trips to TJ’s just for these. To add they were only $3.50, where now I pay $5.99 at another store for buns that are not as good.

  26. Trish McGauly

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back your gluten free hamburger buns! They were the best! Your gluten free/celiac customers need them

  27. Ron Guff

    they were by far the best gluten free buns i had. franz bakery are the next best but cant get them where I live..dissapointed

  28. Margo

    The best option BUT Trader Joe’s considers this a seasonal item. VERY disappointing that they aren’t available year round. Celiac disease isn’t seasonal.

  29. Sandra Loy-Ng

    Bring them back I have celiac disease and I need to have my hamburger buns back. I love these.

  30. Denise

    Please bring the buns back!! For people on restricted diets, these r a real treat! Pretty Please!

  31. Leah M. Gordon

    Please bring the GF Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns Back. I live in Maine and travel 2 hours to get them in Portland, Maine. The best I ever had PLEASE, PLEASE Consider bringing them back. These 2 items are hard to find in the GF World especially a brand that tasted so good. Thank You for your consideration. Loyal Customer.

  32. Ron

    TJ’s GLUTEN FREE Hamburger Buns are really very good and they should consider calling them “Hamburger/Sandwich buns because they work well for both..
    They release them for such a limited time and they seem to sell very quickly so it’s really hard to get them…
    These are a very good gluten free product and I would hope that eventually they could be available year round…

  33. Mary Berhalter

    The best gluten free hamburger buns we have found! We spread butter on the insides and place on a griddle. We lightly cover them with a loose piece of aluminum foil, about medium to medium low heat. We sprinkle water on the griddle, and watch them until they start toasting. SO GOOD! I sure would like to see them year around!

  34. Brooke

    These are the best gluten free hamburger muffins I have had and I have tried them ALL. I don’t understand why they are seasonal. Regular hamburger buns are available year round, why not make these available year round as well?

  35. Crazy Dave

    I love these. There are other good gluten free hamburger buns but i get theses every time they are on the shelf. Trader Joe’s supply chain is definitely spotty with these, but they were in stock last Saturday so I bought a few packs. Like all gluten free breads, they need to be lightly toasted. Do this and you will enjoy them.

  36. Tina Steele

    These hamburger buns used to be great! They had a nice texture – especially when lightly toasted – and for being gluten-free had a relatively short list of ingredients. All that has changed. Now, the addition of xanthan gum, and goodness knows what else, has changed the texture and the digestibility of the product, so that it is no different from all the other Trader Joe’s GF products that I cannot eat. Xanthan gum is a binder that causes inflammation in sensitive individuals, and is linked to digestive discomfort – even painful cramping – and bloating. What a shame that these buns have gone the way of so many other TJ’s products that are filled with cheap fillers and other additives.

  37. Mary Ann Cicalese-Kiker

    Love them, the only gluten free bread I eat! Last time at the store I was told they didn’t have any. I knew that meant they were not coming back:( Also they had gluten free pretzels they went bye bye too! I love Trader Joe’s but why when something is so good they discontinue it?

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