Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Hot Dog Buns Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Hot Dog Buns Reviews

  1. kristopher torrey

    These are amazing.
    And because how great they are, they have been discontinued. I really wish TJ would being them back. They are the only gf hotdog bun I’ve found I like.

  2. Lisa DeZolt

    Loved these gf hot dog rolls…I am very disappointed that Trader Joe’s decided to discontinue this product..It doesn’t make sense to me as they were always a big seller at the Trader Joe’s in our area….please reconsider bringing this product back for your gluten free, loyal customers!

  3. Stacey

    Please bring these back, especially for summer grilling season!

  4. Dan

    Trader Joe’s, as a Celiac, I can attest that hot dogs are one of the top five things that I miss. Most hotdogs are GF, but the bun options are awful. I have not had your hot dogs buns, but your GF hamburger buns taste normal (which by the way is a HUGE compliment from the GF community). Most of us are like Indiana Jones trying to locate the perfect hot dog bun, but it appears as though you made it. Please bring it back. I’m not one to grovel, but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!

  5. connie Harrah

    Please bring these back if only on a seasonal basis.

  6. Danie

    Please bring these back!!

  7. Milli

    These were the ONLY buns that taste good. Please bring them back. Even if they are just seasonal. I will buy and freeze them to use all year.

  8. Scott Bailey

    Please bring the trader Joes gluten-free hot dog buns back. They were awesome!

  9. Anonymous

    Partner is gluten intolerant, hands down the best hot dog buns out there if only Trader Joe’s didn’t discontinue them….. but of course they did

  10. LAHunter

    There are not many alternatives for gluten free hotdog rolls. They became a summer seasonal item, but now they are discontinued. Trader Joe’s is making it easier for celiac, ie., gluten free, customers to shop elsewhere for dietary needs. WHOLE FOODS has become my main grocer for my gluten free diet, with a much larger selection of fresh, organic, and gluten free food for my family.

  11. Larry And Seree Peterson

    When we found out that Trader Joe’s made a gluten free hot dog bun, we were so excited because their English muffins are the only gluten free bread my husband likes. Then we found out that the hot dog buns were discontinued. We were sooooo disappointed. Please bring them back. I can see by the other reviews that they were a hit as well. I use to manage a health food store, and if you have a gluten free product that everybody likes, you’ve really got something. Please reconsider your hot dog buns for all those who have to eat gluten free. Enjoying what you eat is something most gluten free people don’t get very often. Thank you for considering this.

  12. Jane Manning

    We love the GF burger buns and wish so much that there was a GF hot dog bun as good. Please bring these back!

  13. CE

    These were the best GF hot dog rolls!!♥️
    First I was told they were seasonal, then out of stock, and this summer – discontinued!!
    Other brands are too big, they fall apart and are tasteless!
    Please bring them back.

  14. M. E yourick

    Why did you discontinue the hot dog gf rolls????. Do you know how many bad ones are out there and frozen to not???? Look at all the comments. Please

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